CBS News Poll: Democratic Party labeled as ‘weak’, GOP ‘extreme’ by more Americans


  • More Americans described the Democratic Party as ‘weak’ and the Republican Party as ‘extreme’ in the latest CBS News poll.
  • Sunday’s poll revealed that many voters aren’t 100% happy with the two parties.
  • A majority of poll respondents do not see the Democratic Party as either “effective” or “in touch” and though the GOP is labeled as “strong,” it is also described more as “hateful” than as “caring.”

The latest CBS News poll revealed that more Americans are not extremely happy with the Democratic or the Republican parties or what they’re talking about.

The Democratic Party is not seen by a majority of respondents as either “effective” or “in touch.” These traits are important measures for a party that controls Congress and the presidency. A slight majority of Americans — 51% of respondents — described the Democratic Party as “weak.”

Meanwhile, the Republican Party is described by a slight majority — 54% of respondents — as “extreme.” According to CBS, Independents are more likely to call the GOP extreme. The Republican party is also described as “strong” more often than as “weak,” however, the GOP is also labeled more often as “hateful” than as “caring.”

Unsurprisingly, voters from both parties want their candidates to focus more on inflation.

Many Democrats also want their party to tax the wealthy and address racial justice. Many also want their candidates to protect abortion rights.

Republicans, on the other hand, want their candidates to focus on stopping illegal immigration and talk about traditional values.

A majority of independents also want the Democratic Party to focus on abortion rights. 

During a time of inflation, 51% of Americans trust the GOP while 49% trust the Democrats on inflation.

In regards to abortion and the coronavirus pandemic, Democrats are being trusted more by respondents.

A slight majority of Republicans want their candidates to show loyalty to former President Donald Trump, though nearly half don’t. In relation, four in 10 Republicans want the candidates to focus on the results of the 2020 election.

In general, Americans are more likely to see the GOP as fighting for White people than for Black people, Hispanic people, and LGBTQ members. But Americans also think the Republican Party fights more for people of faith than do Democrats.

In contrast, Americans see the Democratic Party as fighting for Black and Hispanic Americans more so than for White Americans.

A majority of Democrats think immigrants make the United States better in the long term while a majority of Republicans say they make America worse.

Republicans are more likely to say White Americans suffer “a lot” of discrimination than they are to say Black Americans do, CBS reported. Democrats see quite the opposite as they are more likely to say it’s essential for political leaders to condemn White nationalism.

Source: CBS News

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4 thoughts on “CBS News Poll: Democratic Party labeled as ‘weak’, GOP ‘extreme’ by more Americans

  1. Both are EXTREME in opposite directions and their refusal to work absolutely anything out with eachother is creating the hate if our government in both sides of the isle …
    One guy is trying to tear us apart from the inside to help Putin’s agendas and the other allowed hundreds of thousands of poverty stricken people to cross the southern border AFTER HARRIS TOLD THEM DO NOT COME HERE.They came anyway and that is the exact definition of t invasion; all in the midst of a homeless crisis and a pandemic…
    How is this I’m any way Making America Great or Building Anything Back Better?

  2. The GOP is extreme? The GOP talks out of both sides of their mouths like the liberal commie Democrats. RINO’s McCarthy and Beijing Mitch have no intentions of impeaching Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe, a POTUS that is intentionally destroying America. There is no real difference between the liberal commie Democrats and Republicans, when it comes to spending one’s tax dollars. It’s just a matter of which propaganda and disinformation from either party one is willing to believe. Illegals crossing the border do not make America better. The offer the U.S. nothing and in return they expect the American taxpayer to take care of them. The Taxpayer doesn’t want to bey paying for people that don’t belong here in the first place. America doesn’t take care of it’s own people, let alone they want to take care of all of central America. there is a reason for this, The liberal commie Democrats buy their votes like they always do. (redistribution of wealth) and then corrupt Quid Pro wants to raise the taxes. Get as many illegals into the country asap, In fact have all of Central America move to the U.S. Distribute them and Wuhan Virus infected illegals throughout the U.S. change the voting Demographics of the U.S. forever. give them lots, of welfare and social programs, give them Amnesty allow them to vote, the Democrats will tell them in order to keep their welfare benefits, they are going to have to vote Democrat, this will effectively achieve their one party rule for their one party rule for the next 100 years. Democrat votes being subsidized by the American taxpayer. A one party rule=Communism. Communist China has a one party rule. There are no opposing views or parties in Communist China. everyone that runs for political office comes from the same party. corrupt Quid Pro and Mayorkas are gaming the political system. The Democrat voter wants to destroy America this is the way to do it. This is what they voted for, open borders, defund the police and massive inflation and the redistribution of America’s wealth.

  3. Folks, do you really trust a pollster to be unbiased? Have you not noticed the way questions in a poll are phrased is leading you to select responses the pollster wants? Heck, the pollster can also discard answers that don’t feed into their biased target result. I stopped paying attention to polls long ago.

    I was a Democrat at one time, until I recognized that there was no democracy in the Democrat Party. I registered Independent for a while, and then decided to affiliate as a Republican. My take on the Party system is the Democrats have evolved away from the old time “Democrat” values (pre-Vietnam War Era) and today are more aligned with Marxism/Socialism (which is Anti-American at its core). Republicans have more of the traditional values of the JFK era (“Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”). Republicans also are independent leaning (i.e., be self-sufficient, don’t lean on government to succeed, insist that government function as the US Constitution intended when drafted and otherwise allow the economy/the people to work). That independent streak of Republicans makes it difficult to form a cohesive voting block the way Democrats coalesce around “hot button” issues. Republicans tend to structure their lives around a nuclear family, self-defense, and work for what you get (which doesn’t jive with the Democrats intense focus on LGBTQ+, abortion on demand up to birth (and beyond!), welfare, defund the police, empty the prisons, encouraging law breaking with open borders (i.e. ILLEGAL immigration), burning buildings in the name of “mostly peaceful” protests, marijuana legalization, school curriculum on CRT and DEI and college courses of study on gender fluidity, racial equity, and similar practical topics that are unlikely to translate into paying jobs upon graduation into the real (post college) business world (which is why they want the hard working taxpayers to pick up the tab for their foolishly planned college “education”).

    On that topic of DEI, my personal experience within the Republican Party is they do NOT exclude anyone from membership in their party based on skin color, sexual identity or ethnicity. In fact, they fully embrace Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech and its mantra to judge people by their CHARACTER. The Democrats have chosen to avoid looking at the content of their own CHARACTER. Anyone who screams “My Body, My Choice” as they rip a baby with a beating heart from the woman’s body has a very flawed character and soul.

  4. the democrat party has always been ruthless, extreme, hateful, rasist, and cowardly weak. (KKK anyone??). Everytime republicans (real ones not McCain RINO’s) “cross the ilse” and compromise, we the American people and our Constitution lose more freedom and rights from their constant encroachment and communist laws. When are the left’s plantation dwellers going to wake up??

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