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DeSantis questions the GOP’s ‘huge underperformance’ in the midterms [Video]


  • Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis discussed why there was a “huge underperformance” for Republicans outside his state in the last midterm election.
  • “The question is, you know, why did that happen?” the governor asked.
  • DeSantis avoided a reporter’s question about Trump during the press conference on Thursday.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis questioned the “huge underperformance” of Republicans outside Florida in the last midterms at a press conference on Thursday. DeSantis boasted that his state showed the GOP “how it’s done” on building winning coalitions.

Though DeSantis has not announced any plans for 2024, he is seen as his party’s leading contender for the White House. In his speech, the governor noted that Republicans were expecting to win some 245 seats in the House, but are likely to secure only 222, giving the GOP a narrow majority.

“The question is, you know, why did that happen?” DeSantis said.

“I don’t think it’s a question of necessarily being divided as a party, I think it’s like, OK, how do you run and win majorities?” the newly reelected governor said.

“I think what we’ve done in Florida is we’ve shown that we’ve exercised leadership, we’ve not kowtowed, we’ve been willing to take on big interests … but producing results, and so that ends up attracting more people to want to be on your team,” he added.

“That was not something that was happening, you know, throughout the rest of the country, but I think that we really showed, I think, how it’s done in the state of Florida.”

DeSantis has made efforts to avoid direct confrontations with former President Donald Trump. However, the governor echoes other Republicans who have said Trump was largely to blame for endorsing candidates who lost key races, despite economic instability and President Joe Biden’s dwindling popularity.

“Usually those voters are going to want to vote for people that are offering an alternative,” DeSantis said. “And yet some of those voters throughout the country, not in Florida, but throughout the country … they still didn’t want to vote for some of our candidates.”

DeSantis once again avoided answering a question about Trump being back in the news on a daily basis. DeSantis said he was focused on doing his job in Florida.

Trump, who announced his third run for the White House, has publicly criticized DeSantis in recent months, taking credit for the governor’s rise to prominence and calling on him to stay in Florida rather than run for president.

Recent polls show DeSantis has overtaken Trump in some key states in a hypothetical 2024 GOP primary. Next year, the governor is set to publish a memoir, increasing speculations that he has his eyes on the White House.

Source: The Hill

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9 thoughts on “DeSantis questions the GOP’s ‘huge underperformance’ in the midterms [Video]

  1. Right now, the problem is that there is no real leader in the GOP. The governor points to leadership as the key element in the successes he has seen in FL. The GOP has no one leader. They have lots of people who could be that person but none with a plan. The person closest to having all the necessary qualities and has displayed them is Governor DeSantis. Hopefully he will emerge and provide the necessary directions, enforce them and hold the rogue RINOs accountable.
    Trump, for all that he has done and could do, is too much a dictator and a NY a$$hole to make any of the necessary changes happen and stick. His skills would be better utilized as an undercover, silent, out of the limelight political enforcer. Kind of like Pelosi or what the Clintons have. Hopefully, with someone like Ron DeSantis in the WH services such as those wouldn’t be required.

  2. I like DeSantis but blaming Trump is not correct he actually had a pretty good overall record; McConnell is more to blame for not backing other good candidates and backing RINO’s. For instance, he backed Lisa Murkowski, you got to be kidding. Here’s a good statement by a popular talk show host, there are many Republicans that are Democrats, but there are no Democrats that are Republican.

  3. Do not dismiss Trump’s effect on the elections. He has alienated many with his big mouth, and they vote. I admit he was an effective President, but that pales beside the fact that he is the most divisive element in the country today. We have a number of good candidates, DeSantis, is just one of them. Lets please try to pick the best one for the country this time!!!

  4. I like what DeSantis has done in Florida. I like his ideas and his determination to promote change. We need his kind of leadership in Washington. He has my vote.

  5. Ron DeSantis won largely because he was in charge of his state, controlled the election processes, built a good team around him, and won moderates over. To say his win is anything like what did or did not happen in other states ( AZ, for example) is disingenous. Other Republican states that had enormous election issues ( bad voter rolls not cleaned up prior to elections) to include on Election Day literally equipment failures creating chaos at over 50% of polling locations, led to uncertifiable and untrustworthy election results. Add to that a RINO, at best, governor, corrupt SOS state and partisan BOS and Recorder’s office makes for a win on the Trump supported ticket nearly impossible. The focus is being directed to governor DeSantis” success to take away from the enormous wins Trump endorsed candidates actually DID have. Trump gets voters out to vote in huge numbers. His base of voters can sway elections. Without them, a candidate is hard pressed to win. Look at the AZ primary as a perfect example. Main Stream Media and Social Media to include Twitter and Facebook have proven that people’s perception of Trump and all his endorsed candidates are exactly what they want you to think. They won the propaganda agenda. ( I would add that the Establishment /RINO class have contributed to that perception effectively as well) . l would support Trump any day over other candidates, because I know what I am getting; the most successful President in modern times, despite the atrocities inflicted on him before even entering office. Rise up and be Discerning!

    1. Absolutely! I will back Trump all the time, each step, as will millions more. The Dems and RHINOS do not want him and have full on social media attack on him, plus any legal attack they can dream up. DeSantis is good, but compared to Trump, a lightweight damp behind the ears. His time will come. I want America back in Trump’s hands as a steady leader who brought in minorities, women, LEADERS OF OTHER COUNTRIES SPEAKING FOR America to wake up and get him back. Trump has tremendous support and influence in the world besides at home, and made the world and their economies safer and stable. No Afghanistan and Ukraine horror shows would have happened. Our economy was rebounding tremendously after the pandemic. Days after Biden was slipped in, it changed abruptly.
      Trump has the most amazing intuition ‘ve ever seen in a leader, and we were lucky to have him for four years. Each year we can have him again as our leader would be a gift from God, to a nation that badly needs him to recover from what should NEVER EVEN HAD HAPPENED: turning our beloved country over to Biden et all who seek to work daily to destroy it on ALL LEVELS AND SECTIONS.
      RHINO MCCONNELL did everything he could to harm Republican candidates not of his choosing and who would vote for HIM, a person we definitely need to get rid of. He even took ads out against our candidates, besides shifting funding to HIS choices and RHINOS. He seems very comfortable budding up and following Pelosi and Schumer.
      Stop listening to the arranged Dem plan to turn America anti-Trump. It’s what THEY want and need. DeSantis they feel more comfortable with, to handle him. SOROS just bought up every Hispanic news company he could get his grubby claws on in Florida and others areas nationwide. Media control/ propaganda first against Trump, then DeSantis.

      But re Trump’s leadership and intuition and knowledge re America and world wide, we even have some world leaders going on US news trying to wake us up, to tell us our heads are in the sand and they can’t understand we are willing to destroy America; to come to our senses before it’s too late. This is not a fun, meaningless game. This is a big important one.
      Have you noticed a few more MSM news guys are voicing interesting comments re national and international news: “I can’t believe I’m saying this” or “I can’t believe I’m standing with Trump.. .” BUT HE’S RIGHT AGAIN” or “HE WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG “.

      YES, he is.

  6. I’m not GOP, but I definitely support Trump being the GOP candidate in the next Presidential election. No, I don’t support his thefts out of the White House or his friendship with Putin. I support his being the GOP candidate because that is the best way to guarantee a Biden win!

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