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Exposed: Company Repeatedly Uses Stolen Identities to Hire Child Laborers



Knowledge Nuggets:

  • Workers for Packers Sanitation Services Inc. (PSSI) have allegedly stolen identities to get hired, according to former managers, police officials, and victims.
  • The company was recently fined $1.5 million for hiring more than 100 children under 18 to clean slaughterhouses, which is against the law.
  • PSSI denies these claims and says they have rigorous hiring procedures, including identity verification, but victims say they have been dealing with identity theft for years and the most recent example involves a PSSI worker using a stolen identity to work at a slaughterhouse in Kansas.

Hello, readers. This is Christian Ramirez, reporting for Crystal Clear News. Today, I want to talk about the recent news story that has come to light about Packers Sanitation Services Inc. (PSSI). As you may know, PSSI is a company that sanitizes more than 400 slaughterhouses and other facilities across the country. They recently made headlines for hiring over 100 children under 18 to work dangerous jobs, which is against the law. But now, there are more allegations against the company.

According to former managers, police officials, and victims, PSSI workers have been using stolen identities to get hired. One Texas woman reported having her ID used twice by PSSI workers, even after she had already complained to the company. A former plant manager who wished to remain anonymous told NBC News that PSSI repeatedly hired people with obviously fake IDs. This is a serious issue, especially considering the hazardous working conditions at these slaughterhouses.

PSSI denies these allegations and says they have rigorous hiring procedures, including identity verification. However, victims like Felipe Garcia say they have been dealing with the fallout of identity theft for years, with PSSI workers being just one of several companies that have used their stolen identities. Garcia’s identity was recently stolen by a PSSI worker in Kansas, and he reached out to NBC News after reading their story about the company’s hiring practices.

PSSI spokesperson Gina Swenson says that the company’s compliance hiring process has caught over 8,000 instances of identity verification issues since 2020, which she says demonstrates their commitment to rooting out violations. However, victims and former managers say that PSSI needs to do more to prevent identity theft and ensure that their workers are who they say they are.

Historical Similarities

This news that a company hired more than 100 children to clean slaughterhouses using stolen identities has caused outrage and disbelief. However, this is not the first time that vulnerable individuals have been exploited for economic gain. Throughout history, there have been similar incidents of child labor and identity theft, which have highlighted the importance of laws and regulations to protect workers and prevent the abuse of power by employers.

During the Industrial Revolution in the United States and Europe, child labor was a common practice. Children as young as 5 or 6 were forced to work in factories, mines, and other hazardous workplaces. They often worked long hours for low pay, and their health and safety were frequently neglected. This was because employers saw them as a cheap source of labor that could be easily exploited. It wasn’t until the early 20th century that laws were passed to limit child labor and improve working conditions.

The use of stolen or fake identities to obtain employment has also been a recurring issue throughout history. In the early 20th century, some immigrants to the United States would assume the identity of someone else in order to gain entry to the country or obtain a job. In recent years, identity theft has become an increasingly common problem, with criminals using stolen personal information to open bank accounts, apply for loans, and commit other types of fraud. The impact of identity theft can be devastating for the victims, who may find themselves unable to obtain credit, housing, or employment as a result.

Both child labor and identity theft are examples of how vulnerable individuals can be exploited for economic gain. In the case of child labor, employers see children as a cheap source of labor that can be easily exploited. In the case of identity theft, criminals see personal information as a valuable commodity that can be used for financial gain. In both cases, laws and regulations are necessary to protect vulnerable individuals and prevent the abuse of power by employers and criminals.

The recent news that a company hired children to clean slaughterhouses using stolen identities is a reminder that these issues still exist today. It highlights the need for stronger laws and regulations to protect workers and prevent the exploitation of vulnerable individuals. It also serves as a warning to individuals to be vigilant about protecting their personal information, and to report any suspicious activity to the authorities.


Source: NBC

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