Fitbit’s Ionic smartwatch to rival the Apple Watch


  • Fitbit officially introduced Fitbit Ionic, the company’s most modern device to date.
  • The all-new, impressive Ionic smartwatch is here to take on its competition.
  • The Ionic promises to give real-time guidance to reach your fitness goals, long-term insights about your health, motivational apps and other essentials for your convenience.

Fitbit Ionic is a genuine smartwatch designed to be a timepiece that also provides you with fitness data, as well as a set of third-party apps. The Fitness Blaze, Fitbit’s earlier product was essentially a fitness watch with smart features that’s why the Ionic is considered to be a “true” smartwatch.

Reviews found the Ionic to be an impressive, comfortable timepiece and quite a looker too. It comes with a fitness guidance, health insights, music storage, built-in GPS, apps & more.

It is also a vehicle for Fitbit to launch some of its new services, like its own operating system called FitbitOS, contactless payment and a subscription-based fitness guide called Fitbit Coach.

The sporty Ionic smartwatch has a square design like the Fitbit Blaze. Maybe not as elegant as the popular Apple Watch and not as classy as Samsung Gear S3, but its fit and finish are excellent. You may find the bottom bezel a bit thicker than most smart watches, but the screen display is wonderful.

The watch has two rectangular buttons on its right side to let you access workout and other motivational apps without having to touch its screen.

The Ionic doesn’t get in the way during workouts while lifting weights at the gym, or by doing any form of exercise. The reason is that Fitbit designed the Ionic’s bottom edges slightly angled to ensure free hand movement. The smartwatch’s bands are comfortable, too.

Fitbit Ionic will soon have some serious competition when Apple releases its anticipated Apple Watch with LTE data connectivity. The updated Apple Watch is expected to debut in September alongside the iPhone 8.

Source: Yahoo

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