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Police: Sixth person may have lived in the house where 4 Idaho students were killed [Video]


  • Idaho police said that there is a sixth person listed on the lease of the home where four University of Idaho students were killed.
  • They did not identify the individual, who they believe was not at home during the crime.
  • Police still have no suspect in the brutal stabbing that is believed to be a targeted attack.

Four University of Idaho students were killed in their home in the early morning of Nov. 13. Police revealed on Thursday that there was a sixth person listed on the lease of the Moscow residence, but they believe the individual was not at home at the time of the brutal stabbings.

The police did not identify the sixth person supposedly living in the three-story, two-bedroom house on King Road.

The victims are couple Ethan Chapin and Xana Kernodle, both 20; and childhood best friends Madison Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves, both 21. The three women were roommates while Chapin stayed the night.

According to police, the victims were on the second and third floors while two surviving roommates, Bethany Funke and Dylan Mortensen, were reportedly sleeping on the first floor on the night of the crime.

The police declared, “Detectives are aware of a sixth person listed on the lease at the residence but do not believe that individual was present during the incident.”

There is still no suspect, and recently there have been conflicting statements.

On Tuesday, Latah County Prosecutor Bill Thompson said in an interview that the house was specifically targeted. On early Wednesday, he added that one of the victims was targeted.

On Wednesday, the local police department refuted the claim and said that investigators were not sure if the residence or any tenant was specifically targeted. But on Thursday, they said that detectives believe it was a targeted attack.

The latest update from the police clarified, “We remain consistent in our belief that this was a targeted attack, but investigators have not concluded if the target was the residence or if it was the occupants.”

On Thursday, the authorities said that the Idaho State Police forensics team has been working on the case for weeks and has provided detectives with “testing and analysis results.” They added, “As they complete additional tests, those results will also be provided. To protect the investigation’s integrity, specific results will not be released.”

Source: New York Post

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