Capitol riot being investigated by house panel

Jan. 6 House committee subpoenas Proud Boys and Oath Keepers [Video]


  • The Jan. 6 committee issued subpoenas to the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers.
  • Leaders and members of the two far-right organizations were involved with the Jan. 6 attack.
  • The bipartisan House panel is probing the facts and causes of the Capitol riot.

The House select committee probing the January 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol issued another round of subpoenas Wednesday, targeting far-right extremist groups and their leaders who have been linked to the violence at the Capitol.

The panel is demanding documents from Proud Boys International and its leader Enrique Tarrio, as well as from the Oath Keepers and its chairman, Elmer Stewart Rhode. The 1st Amendment Praetorian, which the committee said provided security at rallies before January 6, also received a subpoena from the House select committee.

Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson, a Democrat from Mississippi, said in a statement announcing the five subpoenas that the panel believes the individuals and groups targeted “have relevant information about how violence erupted at the Capitol and the preparation leading up to this violent attack.”

“The Select Committee is moving swiftly to uncover the facts of what happened on that day and we expect every witness to comply with the law and cooperate so that we can get answers to the American people,” he said.

Multiple people affiliated with the Proud Boys have been charged for their role in the January 6 assault, and Tarrio, who was arrested in Washington, D.C., on January 4 and charged for conduct in December 2020, allegedly helped the Proud Boys prepare for the attack on the Capitol, according to the committee. Tarrio pleaded guilty in July to one count of destruction of property and one count of attempted possession of a large-capacity ammunition feeding device, and he was sentenced to more than five months in prison.

More than a dozen members of the Oath Keepers were indicted by a grand jury on charges including conspiracy, obstruction of an official proceeding and destruction of government property for their roles in the January 6 assault. Federal prosecutors allege the group wore paramilitary gear and used military-style tactics as part of a coordinated effort with other Oath Keepers before and during the assault. 

The 1st Amendment Praetorian, meanwhile, suggested on its Twitter account on January 4 that there could be violence two days later, and its leader, Robert Patrick Lewis, was listed as a speaker on the permit for a rally in Washington on January 5.

The committee notified the extremist groups and leaders they are seeking both documents and depositions as part of its investigation into how various entities and individuals coordinated their activities in the run-up to January 6, as well as the “influencing factors that fomented such an attack on American representative democracy while engaged in a constitutional process.”

The select committee has continued to ramp up its demands for documents and testimony, issuing more than 40 subpoenas so far to former White House aides, allies of former President Donald Trump and organizers of the rally that occurred outside the White House before the Capitol assault.

One target of the committee, former Trump political strategist Steve Bannon, was indicted by a federal grand jury after refusing to appear before lawmakers for a deposition. He pleaded not guilty.

The committee issued subpoenas Monday to five more individuals, including Trump’s ally Roger Stone and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

The select committee was formed earlier this year and tasked investigating the events surrounding the January 6 assault, when a mob of Mr. Trump’s supporters breached the Capitol in an effort to stop Congress from tallying state electoral votes and reaffirming President Biden’s victory.

Hundreds of people have since been arrested and charged for their roles in the riots.

Source: CBS News

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5 thoughts on “Jan. 6 House committee subpoenas Proud Boys and Oath Keepers [Video]

  1. If they really wanted to get the answers release all the video footage that they are holding back and subpeona Piglosi. She is in charge of Security at the Capitol. Ask her why there werent extra CP on duty and why she turned down an offer of NG troops to provide security. That would give all the answers they need

  2. Let’s make sure they subpoena Pelosi, Schumer, Soros, and all the liberals who actually caused this problem. The Conservatives just had a nice peaceful demonstration after being admitted, without issue, by the Security and Police! This is all Biden and Harris doing!!!! Let’s Go Brandon!

  3. What bi partisan committee? All appointed by actual purpotrator of act they are supposedly investigating does not make a bipartisan committee.If republicans are not allowed to appoint their own members then the entire waste of time and money on this bs committee is irrelevant. And if they don’t investigate peelosi, s part in the act then they are not doing a full investigation.

  4. No amount of deflection or finger pointing by the far left will keep the American people from seeing the truth or the destruction they continue to inflict upon this nation and the American people, as the catastrophic results are staring us right in the face. The far left may be driving the bus, at the moment, but the American people still own the roads, and in 2022 there is a curve in the road where the American people will start taking back our country through our power at the polls. Americans overall still believe in God, family, our country and our flag, along with our freedoms, rights, and our liberties. So, the far left cannot blind us to the truth with smoke and mirrors…it’s not even a remote possibility. We’ve seen too much and too much has happened and been uncovered…the far left has lost the trust of the majority of the American people.

    The stain of the American blood that was spilt in Afghanistan and the American’s that were left behind…those casualties and those actions are the ones that will haunt this nation forever. Let’s have Congress address those American concerns instead. The illegals flooding into our country that number in the millions, among them, killers, rapists, terrorists, thieves, and other criminals, like drug traffickers and child molestors, let’s talk about that…let’s have Congress focus on those concerns and issues, and, maybe, discuss the Americans injured or killed because of the open border policy. Will those Americans or their families get a million dollars or more, because they were put in jeopardy, raped, beaten or killed? They are everyday Americans, living in their own country…their lives and their welfare should come first…right? These are real threats to this country and to the American people that are happening right now, as I type these words…these are America’s concerns. Along with the many other terrorists threats and threats from other nations we are seeing happening today, let’s address those at the Capitol. How about the inflation and how our economy is spiraling out of control, or gas prices, or how shipments are being delayed, what about these things? Americans being short on food or going hungry, including our children, seniors, disabled, and our military members, having to go to food banks, let’s take that one to task on the floor of Congress…and not just throw a few dollars to cover it up, but find a real workable solution to help these Americans…especially, when hundreds of thousands or possibly billions or trillions are going to illegals of American tax payer money. COVID has been a nightmare and an endless caravan of illegals has only added fuel to the fire. Or how about the fact that our law enforcement, border patrol, ICE, and military personal are being disrespected, defunded, endangered, assaulted, and abused, while crime sky-rockets and looters have a field day, burning down city blocks and businesses. What view does Congress have there? American parents being treated like criminals because they love their children and care about what they are taught in school is another issue. Abuse of power in government…and other questionable actions…when do those concerns get addressed? I’d say, these are the things on the minds of the American people overall. The far left is trying to camafloge and cover up what is happening and being done at their hands by scrambling to conceal their failures and other questionable deeds.

    The American people should be able to trust the actions of those we elect into office and when we can’t we need to elect or re-elect someone else.

    There is no reason to focus on an event that has already been addressed in my opinion…it is a ploy…a plot and a kangaroo committee of the far left’s and hand picked RINO’s to escape the truth of their own present issues or failures, while America suffers the fallout from it. Still, it won’t work…Americans see past all the deception, fraud, vendettas, and lies, and we have no time for issues already addressed and handled, especially, while our country crumbles around us.

    How long did it take to come up with Russia, Russia, Russia….I wonder, and look whose doorstep that ended up in front of…it wasn’t Donald Trump’s. Donald Trump helped to uncover it though, and he also proved voter fraud existed…he wasn’t supposed to be able to figure it out…and, yet, he did and the statistics and facts are out there along with videos of underhanded shenanigans.

    The far left needs to clean out their own closets of endless skeletons and that should take them at least a century or two to accomplish.

    So, as far as Donald Trump and the kangaroo panel convening against him is concerned…it’s a waste of both time and tax payer money, in my opinion. That issue was addressed by the Senate…and it should have ended there. The only reason to keep bringing it up is either personal feeling or deflection from something else or both…its not about justice….it seems more about revenge and politics to me then anything else. Since, leaving office Donald Trump has never stopped working on behalf of America. He is a true American Patriot and a Die Hard American Hero, who never gives up or gives in when it comes to this country and the American people. He is a man who puts this nation first and makes the welfare of the American people his top priority. Donald J. Trump is a genuine person and a great leader, who loves this country, and someone we would be lucky to have serve as our President in 2024.

    1. So very well said. The FBI already investigated the Jan. 6th incident for months and determined there was no organized conspiracy to attack the Capitol on Jan. 6th. The liberal Democrats waste more taxpayer monies and time with this worthless investigation going on for months/years to distract from their numerous failed policies that the American people will vote them out next November. We the People see through their nefarious actions that only hurt our country.

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