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[Money Update] The Calm Before The Storm



The Calm Before The Financial Storm?

Things seem oddly calm right now, wouldn’t you agree?

  • The bank failure crisis “seems” like it’s behind us.
  • Inflation “seems” to be under control.
  • And the stock market “seems” to be doing alright.

But here’s what they’re NOT telling you…

  1. 81 countries recently met in Russia to potentially back their country’s currencies in gold (and ditch the US dollar). 
  2. Commercial real estate defaults could ignite the next round of bank failures. 
  3. Our debt just ran past $34 trillion and the cost to finance that debt is skyrocketing.

Right now could be the calm before the storm.

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  • What you don’t know about gold and silver’s unfathomable run against the dollar.
  • Why a Federal Reserve insider said the “Lost Decade” ahead could be the biggest economic shock of our country’s history.
  • Plus, how you can get started with Gold & Silver today using a unique “IRS Loophole” that is tax and penalty-free (but could be reversed soon).

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