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Morgan Stanley Sounds Alarm On “Death Of US Dollar”



These 42 powerful nations just launched the first-ever “Anti-Dollar Alliance”…

And together, they plan to KILL the greenback and DETHRONE America once and for all.

Leading the charge are the usual suspects: Russia, China, Iran, oil-soaked Saudi Arabia, and even our neighbor, Mexico.

And because this alliance holds close to 70% of all US Dollars…

Ditching their holdings could flood America with a tsunami of US Dollars…

Triggering hyperinflation and a Wall Street nosedive so deep, it VAPORIZES trillions in hard-earned retirement savings.

Peter Schiff, who famously predicted the housing crash, declares:

“This is going to be far more impactful than the 2008 crisis.”


While Pres. Trump warns it will be like “losing a world war”.

Even Morgan Stanley is urging its billionaire clients to brace themselves.

Sadly, the clueless media is not giving you the full story…

And with Biden caught in the headlights…

These global heavyweights are sprinting to land a final financial assault before a strong, America-first administration takes back power in November.

For practically everyone with an IRA and 401(k), it will be like walking into a hurricane with a paper umbrella.

But get this:

Thanks to a little-known IRA Loophole left open by Pres. Trump…


There’s now a genius, new way to BULLETPROOF your IRA, 401(k), Pension, and even your bank savings from this looming “global reset”.

It Reveals A Tax-Free Loophole That Could Shield Your IRA, 401(k) & Pension Savings From This Impending Dollar Attack.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Louie R Guertin

    May 16, 2024 at 12:15 pm

    Old news.

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