North Carolina police say power outage caused by ‘intentional vandalism’ [Video]


  • A power outage in North Carolina left about 40,000 homes and businesses without power on Saturday.
  • The Moore County Sheriff’s Office said the power outage is being investigated as a criminal act after two electric substations were attacked.
  • A curfew was in effect in Moore county for Sunday night and a shelter was opened after the “targeted attack.”

A North Carolina county is still without power for a second night on Sunday after two electric substations were attacked on Saturday.

Moore County Sheriff Ronnie Fields said the motive for the “targeted attack” is still unclear as the investigation is still ongoing. Fields added local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, including the FBI are involved in the investigation.

Schools are closed Monday due to outages.

Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm wrote on Twitter that she had been in contact with Duke Energy Corp., the owner of the substations, and the Department of Energy was working with other agencies to investigate.

“FBI Charlotte is investigating the willful damage to power facilities in Moore County,” the FBI said in a statement. “We are in regular contact with local law enforcement and private sector partners.”

On Sunday, nearly 64% of Moore County’s electric customers remained without power on a freezing night. The power outage in Moore County began at about 7 p.m. Saturday for 40,000 residents and businesses.

It was “a targeted attack. It wasn’t random,” Fields said. Utility workers discovered gates were broken and equipment was damaged by multiple gunshots,

Jeff Brooks, the spokesperson for Duke Energy, said outages could stretch through Thursday due to the extent of the damage. He explained that there is equipment at the substations that need to be replaced or repaired.

A curfew was in effect for Sunday night and Moore County Sportsplex was opened as a shelter for those without power. The temporary shelter can hold up to 250 people, officials said.

State Senator Tom McInnis called the incident “a terrible act” and vowed that perpetrators will be “brought to justice.”

Sheriff Fields, who did not call the incident domestic terrorism, called the perpetrators “cowards.”

Source: Fox News

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  1. this is the anti power – oil and gas people who I assumne did the damage – my question is why the power companies have not taken precautoins before this to guard these places – dont they know biden and his cohorts are against the power, oil and gas compaines – – same with the train comapnies ouit on the wwest coast leaving unguarded box cars full of products and the gangs in the areas raided the box cars and stoile millions of dollars worth of merchandise- they did this twice before the train people got off their asses and did something about it —

    1. I don’t know what spineless idiots perpetrated this crime. But there needs to be a lesson learned that these power generation and distribution facilities need to be guarded much better than all of the crooked politicians in this country because it is much more important. We could stand the loss of a whole bunch of crooked politicians much better than the extensive loss of power.

  2. Since when has the dems followed the Constitution anyways ? They didn’t even want it when it was signed to begin with . After all they had to get rid of their slaves. Thus why keep it as long as we have Democrats that abuse their power . they can’t even follow just the regular laws let alone the Constitutional laws. Can’t you imagine if the Republicans treated the Constitution when they get into office. Lets first Dems attack the 1st admendment, then the 2nd admendment, I guess they’re working their way down the list.

  3. I don’t believe American politics played any part in this hit, it’s a sign of the times in which we live. There are due to Biden’s loose border control many thousands of foreign terrorists now in America and it’s their determination to bring the Great Satan to it’s knees anyway they can.

  4. With the open border could this have been done by a terrorist, expect more of this, thanks brain dead.

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