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Poll: What Americans think of vaccine passports


  • Americans’ support for vaccine passports differed depending on the situation and across various demographics, according to a recent poll.
  • The Gallup poll revealed that most Americans support requiring vaccine passports for flights and crowded events, but not for work or indoor dining.
  • Dr. Anthony Fauci has said that requiring proof of vaccination will most likely not come from the federal government but from individual businesses and institutions.

A Gallup poll published Friday has revealed that most Americans believe that vaccine passports should be required for flights and big events that draw large crowds — but should not be mandated for work or eating environments.

The poll, which was conducted at the end of April, had more than 3,700 adult respondents.

According to the survey results, 57 percent of Americans support the requirement of vaccination proof for air travel while 55 percent support the same requirement for crowded events.

For other situations, however, most Americans believe vaccine passports are not required. Only 45 percent of employed respondents support the requirement of vaccination proof for returning to work, 44 percent support its requirement for hotel check-ins, and 40 percent support vaccine passports for indoor dining.

The results may provide a glimpse for policymakers and business owners as to how people will react to requiring proof of vaccination as the economy slowly restarts.

The reaction also differs across various demographics.

For instance, significantly higher support for vaccine passports was seen among Democrats compared to Republicans. The poll revealed that no more than 28 percent of Republicans supported a strict mandate of vaccine passports.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has already relaxed its guidelines for vaccinated people.

The CDC announced last month that vaccinated people can go unmasked outside, except when among large crowds. They also announced earlier in April that vaccinated people can travel as long as they wear a mask and avoid crowds.

Meanwhile, the White House’s chief medical adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said that vaccine passports will not be mandated by the federal government. That choice will most likely be left to individual businesses and institutions.

Fauci said, “I’m not saying that they should or that they would, but I’m saying you could foresee how an independent entity might say, ‘Well, we can’t be dealing with you unless we know you’re vaccinated.’ But it’s not going to be mandated from the federal government.”


Source: New York Post

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5 thoughts on “Poll: What Americans think of vaccine passports

  1. I feel when you open something up to only “vaccinated” person, you are discriminating against those that for religious reasons or any other logical reason, for not being vaccinated. I myself was severely sick with Covid-19, for 3 weeks, and I will not receive the vaccination. I am a nurse and I also take care of people with Covid. This is America and we should be allowed and have the right to refuse the vaccination. If we were in a Communistic country where the Government dictates what the people can and cannot do, the situation would be different. But in the United States of America, we still have rights…or I thought we did. This society needs to place more pressure on the homeless with drug addiction problems and “make the money for homeless, instead of giving all those “people” who say they can’t work or find a job the “stimulus checks”. Why would they want to go back to work when they can make more money with unemployment and stimulus checks than they can by working. Some ENORMOUS is wrong with this country and this Government.

    1. I am with you. First of all, my question is, what side affects and permanent damage can be done to your body, clots, fertility, etc., so I myself am not on board to do the vaccine right now. Also, why passports now, we have all had many numerous shots without proof, and also where does hippa fall into all this? I also thought we were a free country, but am beginning to wonder. Also, if the word discrimination is thrown around so freely, I feel discriminated that my rights are not the same as those that are vaccinated.

  2. I feel that a vaccine passport is a good direction to go. With some countries, there is already a requirement of proof of some types of vaccinations.
    A vaccine passport is good to stay in a cautious direction.

  3. I think the vaccine is unnecessary against how the human immune system even works, I have only had 3 at very most in my ENTIRE life & those weren’t until early 60’s, decided 3 yrs ago to never have another! I am 66, had Covid I have 3 triggers & disabled due to MS, I survived absolutely NO respiratory symptoms even though was heavy smoker of menthol cigarettes (side note: quit in 1 day no withdrawal) averaged 1 and half packs a day for 30+ yrs and did NOT lump that in with the 3 known triggers, oh no treatment other than my usual meds mostly cheap vitamins (added zinc) pretty much didn’t eat or drink for 8 days out of over 40 residents & staff positive tests 3 deaths, 1 more who was not positive and 1 who was already on “comfort care” way before who died WITH Covid NOT because of!!

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