Ukraine ambassador talks war crimes

Ukrainian ambassador details Russia’s ‘war crimes of massive proportions’

  • A mass grave of over 400 bodies was discovered in Ukraine’s newly retaken city of Izyum.
  • Ukrainian ambassador to the U.S. Oksana Markarova said that majority of the victims were civilians who were tortured and “killed for no reason.”
  • Markarova called on allies to continue their support while the war is still contained in her country.

Ukraine’s successful counteroffensive in the eastern part of the country helped them retake about 110 kilometers in five days, but with it comes the discovery of more evidence of the Russian military’s war crimes.

Oksana Markarova, Ukraine’s ambassador to the U.S., emphasized the importance of showing everyone “the true face of this aggression and terrorist attack.”

Speaking to Jonathan Karl, co-anchor of ABC‘s “This Week,” Markarova stated, “It’s tortures, rapes, killings. War crimes of massive proportions.”

“That’s why we need to liberate the whole territory of Ukraine as soon as possible because clearly Russians are targeting all Ukrainians. Whole families. Children,” she added. “There is no war logic in all of this. It’s simply terrorizing and committing genocide against Ukrainians.”

According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, troops discovered a mass grave of over 400 bodies in the recently recaptured territory of Izyum.

Markarova said that the “majority” of the victims in the “horrifying” mass graves are Ukrainians. “Some of them are families, like everyone in the family is killed for no reason,” she added. “The majority of them … [showed] clear signs of torture.”

When asked about her country’s manpower, Markarova noted that while the Ukrainian troops might generally be “slower” or smaller than Russia’s, their resistance extended beyond numbers.

“The reason why they can’t hold the ground and we can retake it, and we will retake it, is because they are not only fighting with our brave president and our armed forces, they are fighting with all Ukrainians. So all 40 million of Ukrainians are fighting for our loved ones and homes,” she declared. “All of them were waiting for liberation.”

This week, Ukraine received another $675 million in U.S. aid for training, ammunition, and missiles, bringing the total to about $13.5 billion in U.S. aid since January.

U.S. top officials advised vigilance in preparation for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s response, and President Joe Biden warned Putin not to use chemical weapons against Ukraine.

Markarova noted that Putin has always “tried to scare the world” by making all of us worry about “what he will do next.”

She said that everyone has to deliver a clear message to Putin and “all Russians who support this” that “it’s not OK in the 21st century to attack a peaceful neighboring country.”

Markarova declared, “Let’s not worry about what Putin thinks he should do. Let’s all stay the course, provide more support to Ukraine because it’s going to be much cheaper and better for the democratic world to win this war while it’s still in Ukraine.”

Source: ABC News

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10 thoughts on “Ukrainian ambassador details Russia’s ‘war crimes of massive proportions’

  1. Wow, first war in which NO pictures are taken! I haven’t seen one photo to make me believe ANYTHING is going on in that region of the world. Global propaganda!!!!

    1. There MUST BE THOUSANDS of cell-phone videos of Russians performing these atrocities, unless the atrocities are false-flag Ukrainians’ corrupt government “acting” for at least $13.5 Billion since January (I don’t doubt the people of Ukraine are suffering, because the U.S.A. is also being invaded and We-The-People are suffering under a corrupt government [On a completely unrelated note, hollyweird profits more than $100 Billion /year with the “acting” of fictional movies].

    2. Azov Battalion too often record themselves committing disgusting atrocities against Ukrainian civilians. They proudly claim to be Nazi (of the worst kind) are anti Christian, sadistic, perverse, occasionally cannibalistic, animals with absolutely zero respect for human life regardless of age or gender.

  2. Joe Biden wants to take away our guns ? This is exactly why he needs to be tossed… If you don’t see why we have the 2nd Amendment then your a idiot !

  3. How about the real need in this country? Homelessness, intense high rate of crime : a mini-war against our own citizens,
    the poor becomes poorer as ‘planned inflation’ to bring our citizens to our knees so we can become dependent to government handouts intending our citizens to be lazy and habitually dependent on politicians in power, hence degrading
    the idea of the dignity of work, open borders and giving free help to illegal immigrants on the back of hard-working citizens by re-allocating our taxes , re-setting American culture and morals by re-educating our young people through an
    upside-down interpretation of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, so Socialism can be easily brain-washed to our children, and diminishing parental rights to our own children in the CRT curriculum, & gender fluidity agenda, the criminals becoming the victim instead of the real crime victims in our Liberal Court Systems, the slow but sure persecution of people who do not have the same beliefs as those who want to “redistribute wealth”, ignore real family economic problems over the “climate change” issues which we need to address, but not in priority over the economic, and health problems of families, and most important of all, destroying our nation by putting it in bankruptcy through its multi-trillion debts through over-
    spending on thoughtless choices by our government agencies. All American loving people who want to protect our Constitutional Republic “should take a keen interest in the affairs of our government, otherwise we are all doomed to live under the rule of fools”, Plato once warned. It is as good in his day, as it is in ours. May God have Mercy on us all…or our country will become a third-world nation, no longer the bastion and envy of the world as a Leader of Responsible Freedom!!!

  4. NO pictures from the war (except perhaps some staged (false flag?) events). We had more than that back in the Vietnam war… Sending BILLIONS to Ukraine that Americans need more and are paying for. Something wrong with this picture. How did Ukraine go from one of the most corrupt governments on the planet to a “victim” country so fast? Every. single. policy. the Biden regime has forced on us causes far more harm than good in every aspect – economy, highest US inflation ever (if you normalize how they measure), energy, national security, law and order, open borders, crime, taxes, health, forced “medical treatments”, military emasculation, stripping Americans of our Constitutional rights, green new deals (I could go on, but you get the point) – every one of them has made America worse off and more authoritarian than ever before. Now our government wants to disarm the People. Hmm. What do you think comes next?

  5. When it comes to stopping the aggressors in this world like Putinland, it’s pay now (and let Ukrainians do the fighting) or pay later (and have to commit your own troops). Which makes more sense from the West’s point of view?

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