Kushner calls migrant flights ‘troubling,’ reminds governors ‘these are human beings’

  • Former White House adviser Jared Kushner called out Republican governors who have been using migrants as “political pawns.”
  • Kushner reminded the governors that the migrants are “human beings” who had already gone through so much to get into the country.
  • He then called for the return of former President Donald Trump’s stringent immigration policies to prevent more crossings.

Jared Kushner, former White House adviser, criticized the move of Republican governors involving the transportation of migrants, while calling for the return of former President Donald Trump’s stringent immigration policies.

Kushner, who is also Trump’s son-in-law, said on Fox News’s “Outnumbered” that the events at the southern border have been troubling.

He stated, “We have to remember that these are human beings, they’re people, so seeing them being used as political pawns one way or the other is very troubling to me.”

Last week, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis chartered two flights containing about 50 migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard. Fellow Republican governors Greg Abbott of Texas and Doug Ducey of Arizona had also sent a total of over 10,000 migrants to Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C.

Their actions have been called out by Democrats who accused them of playing with migrants’ lives for political theater.

Kushner echoed some of the concerns about the migrants’ “very sad situation,” while touting his father-in-law’s border policies.

He stated, “People don’t talk enough about the fact that these people are lured into these journeys by the coyotes, they’re paying a lot of money. I think 80 percent of women are sexually assaulted along the way. They come into America, they don’t have papers, many of them are exploited.”

Kushner pointed out that the border was “secure” and “very safe” under former President Trump’s administration, during which “we had the lowest border crossings in history.” He said that migrants could be deterred from crossing into the country if the wall-building efforts are restarted, thereby preventing “a lot of death” and “a lot of sexual exploitation.”

Source: The Hill

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25 thoughts on “Kushner calls migrant flights ‘troubling,’ reminds governors ‘these are human beings’

    1. THAT’S OK because he is a leftist democRAT COMMIE and everything he does is A-OK!

      Can you imagine what the media and the leftist democRAT COMMIES would have done to Trump if Trump had done the same thing the current acting “pRESIDENT” is doing?!?! Hmmmmm?

  1. Yes, Mr. Kushner, it WAS a stunt to fly illegals to Martha’s Vineyard.

    It was also a brilliant move that exposed the liberals’ double standards.

  2. Jared, we probably will agree to disagree as I fully support legal immigration. Gov. DeSantis is also securing our boarders in an effort to ‘combat the negative Influence of China and other Hostile nations creeping into and over-running the sunshine State with ill intent

  3. His father in law had Hitler style detention centers. Separated families, sent parents back across the border and the kids were kept in close quarters at the height of the pandemic causing more contamination and spread. Trump was not by any means a great president. He was and is a very dangerous man to America and our Constitution. Just like Abbott, DeSantis and the rest of his RINO supporters. Real Republicans don’t want him and them around.

    1. You know what “They” say. Opinions are like a**holes, everybody’s got one and yours is straight out of the CNN playbook. Go vote
      for Brandon again so he can finish us off.

    2. Get out from under your rock! Trump was the best and you know that, but being a liberal, you will deny that. You are predictable and easy to ignore!

  4. I’ve never liked or trusted Jared Kushner. Sorry Ivanka, I know he’s your husband but I’ve always considered to be a little smarmy and disingenuous.

    These flights are doing exactly what they are designed to do and thats bring the mess at the border to everyone’s attention.

  5. Isn’t Martha’s Vineyard a sanctuary city? Aren’t they getting payback for being a sanctuary city?! What it shows how self centered they are Kushner if you want to help find areas where these people can live!!

  6. Well Mr. Kushner. Why don’t you take in a few of these illegals and feed, clothe and educate them. You can damned well
    afford to do that. You’re sounding like a RINO.

  7. Up yours kushner. Illegal aliens are breaking American laws, not the governors. Go back to law school freak. These people gave permission to be taken to another place. Nobody is treating them like pawns except for the democrat morons.

  8. Kushner is nothing more than a punk. His family are criminals. They all have had close dealings with Soros including Jared. The plastic woman Ivanka is not much better. She constantly tried to upstage Melania. Why Trump had them in his administration is beyond me.

  9. Trump needs to muzzle his daughters husband. Sending 50 illegals to Martha’s Vineyard was a gift. Jared obviously is on Biden’s socialist team.

  10. If the Democrats have a problem with transporting these illegals, I suggest they walk across the Mexican border without papers and request asylum. I’m sure they would get a free plane ride to anyone they want to go…

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