Tensions flare between the ‘vaxxed and unvaxxed’ at the workplace


  • As many workers return to their offices, tensions appear to be emerging between employees along new lines — the vaccinated against the unvaccinated.
  • Many U.S. companies have introduced vaccine mandates for their workers.
  • Divisions and hostility are expected to grow as more people return to the office.

Now that some work-from-home setups are over, many employees return to their offices. However, tensions seem to be emerging along new lines — the vaccinated against the unvaccinated.

In the U.S. in particular, companies have taken a rigorous approach toward employees’ Covid vaccination status, with many announcing that their staff must be fully vaccinated in order to return to the workplace.

Then, in late August, the FDA granted full approval to the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid shot.

That approval is already inflaming workplace conflicts because it has meant that fewer employees can remain “on the fence” regarding vaccine safety, with some workers now hardening their stance on whether vaccines should be mandatory, particularly when it comes to their co-workers, according to one workplace consultancy.

Seyfarth at Work conducted surveys of hundreds of employees through to late August and found there was an increasing number of workplace conflicts related to vaccination.

Dividing respondents into two camps — the “vexed vaxxed” and “unnerved unvaxxed” — it reported that both sides of the debate, those for vaccination and those against it, felt a growing sense of resentment.

Some 37% of companies surveyed by Seyfarth at Work reported that vaccinated staff were angry and frustrated at the transmission risk posed by unvaccinated workers. The consultancy cited one East Coast fix-it company worker as saying: “I have a grandma and a toddler at home. Why should some twenty-something science denier put them both at risk?”

Vaccinated staff are also reportedly annoyed at the prospect of having to cover for colleagues who may become ill, while others object to differing workplace rules (such as two sets of masking protocols) due to those that are unvaccinated.

The unvaccinated, meanwhile, are complaining about their treatment at work, with 21% of the companies surveyed noting that unvaccinated staff are “crying foul at what they consider harsh judgment by others or better opportunities for vaccinated office-mates” as well as the burdens of regular testing requirements.

“In some workplaces we have seen a significant spike in hostility,” Corporate law expert Philippe Weiss, the president of Seyfarth at Work,  said. “Human Resources contacts report the stress of attempting to manage the introduction of oft-changing Covid safety policies with, in some cases, an inundation of gripes from both the vaxxed and unvaxxed.”

There are a growing number sectors, both public and private, where employees are required to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

Source: MSN News

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9 thoughts on “Tensions flare between the ‘vaxxed and unvaxxed’ at the workplace

  1. Thank you Biden! Instead of just recommending the vaccination and allowing people to choose, you have managed to find another way to, successfully divide the country. KUDOS

  2. The logic of some people is flawed. Like the person who says they have a grandma and toddler at home. They are still at risk of getting the virus from anybody. Why should it matter if you are vaccinated or not since you can still get sick from a vaccinated person.

  3. Well duh – if a person is vaxxed in theory they cannot get the virus – but apparently some still do. Weird how that works ain’t it. That same vaxxed person CAN still be a ‘carrier’ and infect others. Maybe the unvaxxed are the ones that need to be protected. Oops, what am I thinking, the more of them that die from the virus the less that have to be rounded up and put in fema camps……………..

  4. Firstly, the FDA did NOT give full approval – they merely extended existing permission to use certain “vaccines”. Read what they actually published and not the yellow press interpretation.
    Then, it is the vaccinated who are the science deniers: Someone who does not have a non-existent disease can, under no circumstances, pass such on to someone else; not even to those who have chosen to destroy their natural immunity with these lethal pseudo-vaccines.
    The entire history of vaccination shows, without exception, that the only effect is to SPREAD disease – exactly what science predicts! See https://www.tprip.com
    These so-called “vaccines” have an effectiveness of 0.8% – below the margin of error. Through a statistical “slight of hand”, this 0.8% gets converted to a meaningless 95%!
    The most vaccinated country in the world (Israel) has the highest incidence of so-called “Covid-19”.
    Countries with zero vaccine compulsion have very low rates of sickness – some, none at all!
    The world death rates, correct to three decimal places, for 2019 and 2020 are identical. 2021 shows, so far, no significant variance to this. This, automatically poses the question, “If so many have “died” from Covid-19, where are the bodies?” They’ve not been buried, they’ve not been cremated, so where are they?

    Just a little science to think about.

    1. You are crazy ignorant. If I printed an article that says that “the earth is flat” would you be out there promoting it as fact? Believe and trust in science and technology from reputable and proven sources NOT fictitious gobbledygook!

  5. When we get a trust worthy Govt- not Fauci’s paid off wife selling to the FDA, I might think about the vaccine. I had Covid- get antibiotics and a steroid for your lungs quickly for the possible pneumonia and rest. If you have underlying issues, prepare more.

  6. Why doesn’t EVERYBODY just Calm the Hell Down ?
    This is PECISELY the social division the Global Puppeteers want, and you INSIST on be STUPID (in a stupor) ENOUGH to be PLAYED like a bunch of IDIOTS ?
    Included are search links to the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO that actually TELLS YOU how to transform a free thinking society into a Communist Society, and you’re All doing it by the Book and don’t even know you are – damn
    Get Truly Educated, THEN make your case….
    Thank you –


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