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Migrant buses arrive at VP Harris’s residence [Video]

  • Texas Gov. Greg Abbott transported another two buses of migrants, this time to Vice President Kamala Harris’s home in residential Washington.
  • Around two dozen migrants arrived at dawn and stood outside before moving to a nearby church.
  • Border states have been recently protesting against the border crisis by transporting migrants to other Democrat-led cities.

Migrants who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border were transported in two buses and dropped off near Vice President Kamala Harris’s home in residential Washington on Thursday morning. The move is seen as part of an ongoing protest against President Joe Biden’s immigration policies.

Around two dozen migrants arrived at dawn and stood outside the U.S. Naval Observatory while clutching their belongings in plastic bags. They later moved to a nearby church. Harris’s office has yet to make a statement.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott had announced the move in a Twitter post that read, “We’re sending migrants to her backyard to call on the Biden Administration to do its job & secure the border.”

The migrant policy has been a point of debate among parties. Migrants who sought asylum after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border typically wait out their cases in a U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility along the border until they are released. Democrats argue against former President Donald Trump’s policy to force migrants to wait out their asylum cases in Mexico, calling it inhumane. Republicans point out that Biden’s lax policies encourage migrants to flock and vanish into the country.

Border states have protested against the border crisis by transporting migrants to other locations, which are usually Democrat-led cities. Last week, Abbott sent about 75 migrants to Chicago. On Wednesday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sent two planes of immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey also adopted this policy, which was first suggested by Trump.

Last week, Mayor Muriel Bowser of the District of Columbia declared a public emergency over the continuous arrival of buses of migrants. The arrival of thousands of migrants has caused a “growing humanitarian crisis,” the district stated in a request for National Guard assistance, but the request was denied by the Pentagon.

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13 thoughts on “Migrant buses arrive at VP Harris’s residence [Video]

  1. That is correct! They

    should feel live see things they agree on. Letting imgrin in is only letting people born on us soil down. I’d need to go thru so much fight just to apply and be approved Medicaid but Migrants instantly offer Medicaid waivers food benefits housing while I become homeless they find housing.It not making life for lower income find the help needed just more in need. You go Gov Marcos keep up your good work.

  2. It was great that the plane loads to Martha;s vineyard got so much publicity which was needed. It showed the hypocrisy of the left. Oh , the poor immigrants need a better life. that is what I heard. Well, the rich don’t mind them in our backyards just not theirs.

  3. GOOD.Why should the border states have to put up with the boondoggle that biden and his”loonytuners”created to punish conservatives.The democRATS are doing this on purpose for votes,these entities SHOULD be sent to democRAT controlled cities.Another thing that should be done is strip newsom and a.o.c.of their political positions for their stupid remarks about the border states having to deal with this mess and the crime that is also being imported.

  4. Nice stunt Abbott, poor policy………….DEPORT THEM! DEPORT THEM! DEPORT THEM!
    The unvetted illegals will disappear into lawn care, kitchens and local jails eventually, and they DO plan to stay.
    Texas tax money used to aid the Demo-Marixst plan to flood the the USA with illegal aliens!

  5. Democrats do not say what they mean. So the humanitarian crisis they speak of is a crisis others bear, not democrats. They certainly reinvent the English language.

  6. The thing to remember: that residence belongs to “We the People “! That is for VPs in past & future, she is only temporary resident!
    Clinton’s VP, Pence, Biden & others. She also used taxpayers money to pay for the refurbishment before she moved in!!
    That is ours, we can send as many illegals there as we want! They could even set up tents and stay inside fence and she can’t push them out! Even the SS Agents are bought and paid for by us, they should help by opening gates!
    We are told that if someone moves in to an empty house that we own, we are not allowed to evict them and LEO’s can only write them up but not remove them! That yard, Obamas yard in Martha’s Vineyard, Bidens yard in Delaware all have plenty of room to accommodate these people!!

  7. By definition; Harris has been justifying a ” INVASION IF THIS COUNTRY ! When she told hundreds of thousands of poverty stricken people”DO NOT COME” HERE and came despite her telling them not to, THAT IS THE EXACT DEFINITION ! Allowing this to happen in the midst of a well established homeless crisis, in the middle of a pandemic is unexcusable !
    There are United States Veterans that out their lives in jeopardy to protect the same border laws that the Biden admin might as well have tossed in the garbage can and the fact that these people are being given better care, housing and other needs than our established citizens is A SLAP IN THE FACE TO AMERICA AND THE PEOPLE THAT RISK THEIR LIVES TO PROTECT THIS COUNTRY !

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