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Country Icon Dies at 79; Legacy of Laughter, Love, and Music Lives On



Clear Facts

  • Esteemed country artist, Kinky Friedman, passed away in his residence, Echo Hill, on June 27 at age 79.
  • Not only was Friedman recognized globally as a best-selling author, humorist, songwriter, and singer, but also for his philanthropic ventures, especially rescuing unwanted dogs and cats.
  • Friedman’s dynamic music career spanned across numerous years, including touring with Bob Dylan and he continued releasing music until 2018.

The world mourns the loss of the legendary country singer, Kinky Friedman, who passed away in his sleep at the age of 79 on June 27. Fans from all parts of the world are grieving the loss of their favorite artist.

The news of Friedman’s passing was confirmed in a brief message shared on Twitter. The emotional post read,
“Kinky Friedman stepped on a rainbow at his beloved Echo Hill surrounded by family & friends. Kinkster endured tremendous pain & unthinkable loss in recent years, but he never lost his fighting spirit and quick wit. Kinky will live on as his books are read and his songs are sung.”

Kent Perkins, a close friend of Friedman, paid tribute to the late icon in a heartfelt Facebook post, in which he painted a vivid picture of Friedman’s legacy. Perkins expressed,
“He leaves a legacy of laughter, music, loyalty, mercy, tolerance, servitude, and wisdom.”

“He was famous as a best-selling author, humorist, songwriter, and singer. But we, his close friends and family, knew him as a rescuer of unwanted dogs and cats, a compassionate, philanthropic, gentle-spoken man who devoted much of his life to serving others less fortunate.”

Perkins also shed light on Friedman’s altruistic deeds outside of his artistic career.
“He and his sister Marcie founded the Echo Hill Gold Star Camp. It is currently in session for children who have lost a parent to military, police, fire, or EMS service.”

Remembering Friedman’s diverse appeal, Perkins said,
“He was friends with Presidents, homeless vagrants, and every type of human being in between; all people were of equal value to him.”

Born as Richard Friedman, he laid the groundwork of his distinguished career in University, forming his first band there. His second band, Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys, was established in 1973, the same year he released “Sold American,” a song that launched him into the limelight of the country and western music realm.

Friedman’s career spanned several decades, and even at the age of 79, his love for music remained undeterred. Perkins shared this testament to his enduring spirit, stating,
“Kinky, at 79, performed on stage as long as he could stand up with a guitar strapped around his neck. And then he performed sitting down.”

Apart from his successful music career, which involved touring with Bob Dylan from 1975-1976, Friedman was also a successful author and columnist. His contributions to the entertainment world made a lasting impact, and his talent will continue to inspire and entertain for years to come.


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