Russia outraged by Biden’s ‘killer’ remarks about Putin [Video]


  • Russia was angered by US President Joe Biden’s remarks that he believed Russian President Vladimir Putin is a “killer.”
  • Kremlin spokesman said that Biden clearly “does not want to improve relations” between the two countries.
  • In his own response, Putin invited Biden to have a live online discussion to which the White House was still contemplating if they should accommodate it.

In response to US President Joe Biden’s remark that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a “killer,” the Kremlin was outraged, saying that the comment was unprecedented and their nations’ relationship was “very bad.”

On Thursday, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told the media that “there hasn’t been anything like this in history.”

Peskov said that Biden “definitely does not want to improve relations” with them as their current relationship was “very bad.” When pressed how Biden’s statement can impact their relations, the spokesman did not provide further details, but noted that “it is absolutely clear how.”

“These are very bad statements by the President of the United States. He definitely does not want to improve relations with us, and we will continue to proceed from this,” Peskov said.

“I would like to offer President Biden [the opportunity] to continue our discussion, but on condition that we’ll do so what is called live, online. Without anything pre-recorded, in an open and direct discussion, adding that “it seems to me, it would be interesting both for Russian people and for the US people, as well as for many other countries.”

Per TASS, Russia’s state media, Putin proposed to Biden to hold a live dialogue this coming Friday or Monday.

The White House is still thinking about whether the invitation is something that they would consider.

“I’ll have to get back to you if that is something we’re entertaining. I would say that the President already had a conversation already with President Putin, even as there are more world leaders that he has not yet engaged with,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said during a press briefing. 

“And we engage with Russian leaders, members of the government, at all levels. But I don’t have anything to report to you in terms of a future meeting.”

Previously, Putin reacted to Biden’s remarks, wishing him “good health.”

“It’s true, we really know each other personally. What would I answer him? I would tell him: be healthy,” the Russian leader said. “I wish him good health. I say this without irony, no jokes. This is first of all.”

“When we evaluate other people, states and nations, we always seem to be looking in the mirror. We always see ourselves. We always pass on to another person what we ourselves are in essence,” he added.

“In childhood, when we argued with each other, we said: ‘He who calls names is called that himself.’ This is no coincidence, this is not just a childish joke, it has a very deep psychological meaning.”


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