Biden says elected officials “shouldn’t get in the way” of parents who want their kids vaccinated


  • President Joe Biden urged parents to vaccinate their children after COVID-19 vaccines for young kids ages 5 and under were approved.
  • Biden took a swipe at GOP officials, saying they “shouldn’t get in the way to make it more difficult for parents who want their children to be vaccinated.”
  • Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis declined to pre-order COVID-19 vaccines for young kids in his state.

President Joe Biden on Tuesday spoke at the White House to tout the day COVID-19 vaccines were approved for children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years.

Biden took a swipe at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for refusing to use state resources to help health providers pre-order vaccines for young kids.

According to the president, he understood that some parents may have skepticism, but the decision to get a child vaccinated shouldn’t be a political one. 

“Let’s be clear, elected officials shouldn’t get in the way to make it more difficult for parents who want their children to be vaccinated and want to protect them and those around them,” Biden said. “This is no time for politics. It’s about parents being able to do everything they can to keep their children safe.”

Infectious disease experts and some Democrats criticize DeSantis for his decision not to preorder COVID-19 vaccines for infants and young kids ahead of the approval of the vaccines.

Florida was the only state that did not place an order.

If Florida had a small stockpile of doses on hand, pediatricians and children’s hospitals could have started administering shots after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s approval.

“The United States is now the first country in the world for safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines for children as young as six months old,” the president said. “For the first time in our fight against this pandemic, nearly every American can now have access to life saving vaccines.” 

The president visited a vaccination clinic in Washington, D.C. earlier that day to see the rollout of the vaccines. Some of the first doses were being administered in that clinic.

Administration officials are focusing their rollout efforts on community vaccination centers, pediatricians and family physicians. 

Source: The Hill

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15 thoughts on “Biden says elected officials “shouldn’t get in the way” of parents who want their kids vaccinated

  1. Any parent that inject this shite into their own child is a child abuser………period! Let’s create a whole new generation of phucked up children.

  2. The study just was released that says that Covid 29 Vaccines are coursing women to mid carry with there babies because the Vaccine is distorting there ovaries and this second study finds in men that the Vaccines kill mens sperm making it much harder to conceive children, l believe these Vaccines are a form of Depopulation Control the Rich now recourses on the Planet are running out they want to survive and will kill off the poor and middle class so the World is there’s Alone .There motto is Death Humanity

    1. Take a basic english class before making comments on a public board. Third grade spelling would make a great starting point. Hopefully a little common sense will creep in and you’ll be able to dismiss the bullshit you just posted. Have a great day!

  3. Hell Sleepy Joe cannot even walk straight and he criticizes an intelligent man like DiSantis? His priorities as usual are very badly misplaced and misguided. God bless America. Rvn 68-69

  4. There is NO evidence that young children even NEED this non-vaccine vaccine. In fact, what data there is show that the vaccine is a bigger risk than the virus for young healthy children. Its neither safe and effective. If he didn’t lie, there would be nothing coming out of his mouth.

  5. I had two shots ended up getting sick for 24 hours
    I’m almost sure I was infected by family members that had 3 shots and got just as sick
    Oscar the grouch is on ME tv (NBC affiliate) this morning telling young kids to get vaccinated,and shun those who aren’t
    Of course supported by government funded non profit support groups such as the partisan add council

  6. The state I live in pre order(according to this story) and still did even cover .005%. Appears to have gone to large democrate counties.

  7. So it’s bad to use politics not to push the vaccine, but okay to use politics to mandate that you get the vaccine or you lose your job?

  8. Florida is a big state with lots of people. Biden and Fauci won’t get their cut from each of the vaccinated children if they don’t continue to push this vaccination scam. Just like deceitful Democrats, Biden and Fauci continue to twist and distort the truth. DeSantis is not standing in the way of anybody or any parents who want to get their children vaccinated. DeSantis has merely offered an opinion that is backed up by medical professionals. DeSantis has made it very clear that any parents who want to get their children vaccinated can do so.
    Biden is so much like Hillary Clinton, who constantly twists the truth to get their followers. Devious Underhanded Despicable Democrats!

  9. My wife and I took two phizer jabs and are paying for it with memory,concentration and balance problems,all within two months of the governments poison,so sloppy joey you can go straight to you know where with the rest of your liberal idiots.

  10. First, where are the long term studies…. You mean there aren’t any, Joe? Second, with the younger crowd, there have been numerous adverse reactions and death from the shots. Enlarged hearts and you want to put this crap that isn’t as effective as you bloviate about into small children? You mean if something happens I can’t sue because there’s no long term studies, isn’t effective, studies show small children don’t need this and you think I’m stupid enough to give my child this? FO joe, drop dead you moron.

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