Chicago parents sue Teachers Union after refusing to teach in person [Video]


  • A group of parents is suing the Chicago Teachers Union over its refusal to return to in-person teaching amid the Covid-19 surge.
  • Classes were canceled last week after the union voted to refuse to teach in-person until additional safety measures were implemented.
  • Mayor Lori Lightfoot called the action by the union an “unlawful, unilateral strike.” 

A group of parents is suing the Chicago Teachers Union after a stand-off over Covid-19 safety measures led to canceled classes. 

The teachers union voted last week to refuse to teach in person until additional safety measures to combat the Covid-19 surge are implemented. While teachers intended to teach virtually, several said they were locked out of their accounts, the Chicago Tribune reported. 

Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who has advocated for classes to return in person, called the action an “unlawful, unilateral strike”. Classes were canceled on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday over the deadlock. 

A group of parents represented by the Liberty Justice Center filed a lawsuit against the CTU on Thursday, demanding teachers call off the “illegal strike” and return to in-person teaching. 

“CTU’s resolution calling members to not show up for work in-person is a strike regardless of what CTU calls it and violates both the collective bargaining agreement with CPS and Illinois law,” Jeffrey Schwab, a senior attorney at the Liberty Justice Center, said in a press release.

“CTU cannot unilaterally decide what actions should be taken to keep public schools safe, completely silencing parents’ input about what is best for the health, safety, and well-being of their children,” Schwab added. 

Laurel Golden, a Chicago Public Schools parent and the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit, said in the press release that kids “need and deserve to be in school.”

“Throughout this entire pandemic, our kids have paid a tremendous price for adults’ mistakes and miscalculations, and now the teachers’ union has hastily and recklessly put them on their political roller coaster again,” Golden said.

School closures could continue into next week if an agreement is not reached, WGN9 reported. 

Source: Yahoo! News

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7 thoughts on “Chicago parents sue Teachers Union after refusing to teach in person [Video]

  1. The Teachers’ Union are really looking bad throughout this pandemic. They were the first to shout how essential they were and needed to be first in line for vaccines, then resisted going back to the classrooms. And they’ve tried to influence, with some success unfortunately, the scientists involved (CDC), as well as the White House. I’ve lost all respect for teachers through this. They comprise the whiniest profession of all.

  2. Once again, ‘the evil union’ strikes. Betcha that whacko mayor had something to do with the teachers being locked out of their accounts. Meanwhile back at the ranch, the biggest losers are the children! Does anyone there care at all about the children? Obviously not!

  3. Teachers are the only occupation that get paid and retain their benefits even if they don’t work. Start treating them the same as other occupations. No work…no pay or benefits. Think about it. Teachers get more time off from their duties in just one year than most people get off in 10 years. Time for the gravy train to dry up.

  4. At last parents are standing up against the demands of a Tragical Communist CRT indoctrinated bunch of hating teachers! They should be fired and paid nothing till they get rid of the hating CRT teaching and returned to being TEACHERS without a POLITICAL agenda! Every school board must be challenged not only the UNION but all teachers who are destroying our KIDS. Wake up America if we do not all stand together against this disgusting Communist indoctrination of our KIDS we will not only lose another generation but will set America back maybe twenty years!

  5. The teachers’ union is living off the public’s funds. The lawsuit should demand reparations to the tune of an immediate payment of the cost per student for attending a public schools for each student affected, and then further, fine them twice the amount for suffering and reparations for damages. Then the contract should be abrogated and held away from renegotiation until every penny of the fines are paid. In the meantime, conduct job interviews at the school district level to hire teachers willing to work without a union contract. (Ronald Reagan’s solution to the ATC strike writ large).

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