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Costco Shoppers: Stop Buying These Items Immediately



Clear Facts:

  • TikTok user @SideMoneyTom highlighted drastic price hikes on certain Costco staples, advising shoppers to rethink their Costco list.
  • Among the overpriced items, he listed Idaho Spuds hash browns, Tasty Bite Organic Madras Lentils, Mobil-brand synthetic oil, and Kirkland Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
  • His revelations sparked a debate among Costco shoppers, with many agreeing that Costco is not providing the savings it once did in the current inflation scenario.

A TikTok user, @SideMoneyTom, has recently thrown a spotlight on a surprising trend for Costco loyalists, hinting that some cherished shopping list items may no longer be the bargain they once were.

As inflation concerns surge across the nation, his revelations seem to underline a dramatic price hike on certain Costco staples.

In a video, @SideMoneyTom highlighted some of the items that have now been crossed off his Costco list due to sharp price increases.

The culprits include everything from Idaho Spuds hash browns, which jumped from $5.49 to a whopping $8.99, to Tasty Bite Organic Madras Lentils, priced now at $15.99, a significant increase from their earlier sale price of $6.99.

“Unbelievable,” he exclaims in his video. “I don’t think we’ll ever buy that again.”

His critique doesn’t stop at food items.


He also revealed a substantial price hike in Mobil-brand synthetic oil at Costco, which currently retails at $43.49.

Comparing this with Walmart’s pricing of $27, he encouraged viewers to “do the math,” pointing out that Walmart’s per-quart cost works out much cheaper.

Kirkland Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil also drew his attention, for which he recommends seeking alternatives at Safeway, WinCo Foods, or Trader Joe’s.

He also cautioned viewers against buying items like Kirkland Signature Tortilla Strips and bread and butter at Costco, stating, “Ever since the pandemic, the price has gone up and it just hasn’t gone back down.”

While @SideMoneyTom assured his viewers that the famous rotisserie chickens priced at $4.99 are still a good deal, the rest of his revelations have stirred up a debate among Costco shoppers.

Many have echoed his sentiments about increasing prices, with one commenter sharing, “Costco is NOT saving me any money.”

Despite some pushback, @SideMoneyTom’s assessment underscores the impact of inflation on everyday consumer goods and raises pertinent questions about the value for money Costco continues to offer its shoppers.



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