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Legendary Supermodel Shakeup: Son’s Rivals Use Past Nude Photos as Ammo



Clear Facts

  • Supermodel Christie Turlington has shared an incident where her son’s basketball rivals allegedly circulated one of her nude photos.
  • The alleged incident took place at one of her son’s high school basketball games, with Turlington expressing surprise that it hadn’t happened sooner.
  • Despite feeling the incident was ‘rude’, Turlington said she made peace with the situation quickly, stating she doesn’t feel embarrassed about anything.

In a recent unexpected revelation, legendary supermodel Christie Turlington shared a disturbing event where her son’s basketball opposition allegedly disseminated one of her nude images from a past photoshoot. The incident, according to Turlington, took place at her son’s high school basketball game, transforming what should have been a straightforward sporting event into a distressing situation.

Turlington has been a significant figure in the fashion industry since her early teenage years. With her groundbreaking work as a supermodel, her career contains numerous risque photoshoots that she’d always suspected might someday cross paths with her personal life.

“I was surprised it hadn’t happened sooner,” she admitted during an interview, discussing the allegations. She also expressed her candid feelings about the incident, stating, “This is so rude!”

Turlington’s account indicates that the situation escalated when the opposition team allegedly started using the image to harass her son. This was behaviour that left her wishing to vanish.

“All I wanted to do was disappear,” she disclosed, recounting the alleged actions.

The incident became a more significant issue when the school was notified and got involved. It was not a situation Turlington anticipated, yet the seasoned fashion icon confessed that she found peace with what transpired quite quickly.

“I don’t feel embarrassed about anything,” she confessed, demonstrating her strength and resilience amidst the unfortunate event.

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  1. Old Taxman

    April 28, 2024 at 11:06 pm

    When it comes to common sense, most teenagers have none.

  2. Veenerschnitzel

    April 28, 2024 at 11:45 pm

    Big whoop the world is crashing down all around us we don’t care that your nudies resurfaced

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