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New York Times Editor Rejects Biden Team’s Communist Propaganda Push



Clear Facts

  • New York Times Executive Editor Joe Kahn suggests that the White House expects the news outlet to act as a communist propaganda arm for President Joe Biden ahead of the 2024 election.
  • Joe Kahn defends NYT’s coverage, asserting that the outlet will not abandon its role as a source of impartial information, irrespective of pressures from the White House.
  • Despite the tension between the NYT and the Biden administration, allies of the former president are unhappy with the newspaper’s coverage of President Biden.

Joe Kahn, a top-tier editor at the renowned New York Times, has insinuated that President Joe Biden’s administration anticipates the newspaper to serve as a communist propaganda instrument in the run-up to the 2024 election.

Indeed, it appears that those close to the president have expressed disappointment in the NYT due to its less-than-favorable coverage of the White House.

In a recent interview, Kahn responded to the grievances of Biden’s allies, stating,
“It’s our job to cover the full range of issues that people have. At the moment, democracy is one of them. But it’s not the top one — immigration happens to be the top [of polls], and the economy and inflation is the second. Should we stop covering those things because they’re favorable to Trump and minimize them? I don’t even know how it’s supposed to work in the view of Dan Pfeiffer or the White House.”

Kahn further questioned whether the Biden administration expects the NYT to morph into a mouthpiece for the Biden campaign, akin to the Communist propaganda outlets, Xinhua News Agency and Pravda.

“We become an instrument of the Biden campaign? We turn ourselves into Xinhua News Agency or Pravda and put out a stream of stuff that’s very, very favorable to them and only write negative stories about the other side? And that would accomplish — what?” Kahn intriguingly asked.

Pravda, notably, was a Russian newspaper controlled by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union for nearly a century. Xinhua is one of the leading state media outlets currently serving the Chinese Communist Party.

An unfolding feud between the NYT and the White House regarding the paper’s coverage of Biden and his administration has previously been reported. Certain allies close to the president perceive the forthcoming presidential election as an existential crisis for America, leading them to criticize the NYT’s coverage.

As a fallout from the simmering tension, some NYT reporters have been disconnected from their sources due to their written stories.

During the interview, Kahn commented, “To say that the threats of democracy are so great that the media is going to abandon its central role as a source of impartial information to help people vote — that’s essentially saying that the news media should become a propaganda arm for a single candidate because we prefer that candidate’s agenda.”


Interestingly, even though the Biden allies are disgruntled with the NYT’s coverage of the current president, they had previously criticized the coverage of the former president.

“Democrats believe in the importance of a free press in upholding our democracy, and the NYT was for generations an important standard bearer for the fourth estate,” Kate Berner, a former staffer on Biden’s 2020 campaign and former deputy White House communications director, has been quoted. “The frustration with the Times is sometimes so intense because the Times is failing at its important responsibility.”

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  1. Dwayne Coleman

    May 10, 2024 at 6:40 pm

    Democrats believe in a free ride from the press, and apparently the New York Times is TRYING to shed its reputation for shaking pom-poms for the Left.

    • TRM

      June 7, 2024 at 1:52 pm

      Fox ‘News’ and Newsmax are definitely giving the Democrats a free ride. Yeah, right.

  2. Kenneth Corsini

    May 10, 2024 at 6:44 pm

    The NYT is exactly right. The Biden administration is failing America with it’s misguided policies especially at the southern border and now the northern border. The illegal immigrants are swamping our housing, our schools and our hospitals. There is no vetting at the border and we know nothing about the people flooding into our country. Biden’s economic policies have caused runaway inflation that has raised the cost of living for the average American. The Biden Administration is dictating what cars we drive, what appliances we can buy, etc. Their green new deal madness will end up harming the most vulnerable among us who won’t be able to heat or cool their homes because of the cost of energy. The Biden administration is gaslighting America that everything is great. This is far from the truth.

    • Ursula Moebius

      May 10, 2024 at 7:33 pm

      Thank you for this truthful and sober comment !

    • Midnite Rider

      June 8, 2024 at 6:41 pm

      You are so spot on Kenneth.It’s called The Destruction of America.

  3. Vincent Venero Sr.

    May 10, 2024 at 8:14 pm

    Its plain common sense that the NYT not let, the crooked Biden Administration, influence the “complete”, “factual” and “unbiased” reporting of all the facts that the American People have a right to know. This influence from the Biden Administration has affected the reporting of the complete , (no sin of omission) truth by other public media, and the FBI. As stated in other reporting or commentary, Biden has controlled the reporting of documentation from the FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security on numerous occasions and the American People should be aware of what the Biden Administration is trying to control and influence. In my opinion, and many others, Joe Biden is a traitor to the United State Of America. By purposely ignoring the southern border and immigration issues he has let criminals, drugs, drug traffickers, members of the cartels, human traffickers, and most important vast members of the People’s Republic of China, among others, across our borders uncontrolled. There is no reason for him, knowing exactly what he was causing, to turn his head to the southern border catastrophe, other than to line his pockets. In an interview with CNN when asked what his plans were to handle the catastrophe with the southern border Biden answered with this statement “What I’m doing is taking on the issues that—99% of them—that the president, the last president of the United States, issued executive orders I felt were very much counterproductive to our security”, (speaking of the border wall started by president Trump). President Biden actually made that statement, which is absolutely contrary to what has happened. No one, could be out and out that stupid and expect experts to acknowledge such a preposterous answer. Many people are of the opinion, that President Biden is being bought by the Mexican Government, which is run by the drug cartels, China, and lord only knows who else. Why else would he sit by and let China continue to overfly balloons over our defense facilities and gather top secret information. If the Department of Defense not taken action, on their own accord, and shoot down the balloons China would continue doing it. The balloons were proven to have high technology spy equipment as determined by the Department of Defense. On another point. As planned, Hunter Biden took the heat to take the attention off his father to hide the fact it was the President doing the business with China not Hunter. We might never know why the GOP did not continue the investigation into Hunters position and what the president was doing. All the media must report the complete truth, not just the NYT, who has America’s best interest in their reporting, regardless of who’s feathers they ruffle.

  4. Lou

    May 10, 2024 at 9:10 pm

    The NYT shares no love for Trump. Has a Demo lean. This publisher goes in great detail here regarding Biden and much about Trump either omitted or ignored. Mediums are all biased. all biased. Some more than others. NYT is biased. Regarding Biden if true given Trump/ Biden we are down ariver without a paddle.

  5. CharlieSeattle

    May 10, 2024 at 11:24 pm

    For over 100 years the Marxist NEW YORK TIMES has lied to America and the west about:

    Stalin Genocide against Ukraine,
    Bill Clinton CCP laundered campaigh funds, Computer Chip export licence.
    Obama You should,
    2020 election fraud,
    Putin’s genocide against Ukraine,
    Covid origin,
    Fake Vaxx deaths and injuries,

  6. Jem R.

    June 7, 2024 at 12:24 pm

    Great and truthful comments are given above. They are real problems percolating below the surface of a multitude of discontented citizens of this country which could lead to an outburst if reforms are not started. All corrupt or “crooked” politicians and government employees who have benefitted from under the table monies from communist promoters must be plucked out of the government. All the continuing lies by the Biden administration and his supporters are obvious to the majority of the people. They must think we are all stupid to buy all the Lies, Lies, and Lies they are selling! No, Sir, Mr. Biden! [ that includes all who prop you up as a “good leader”. What a clownish joke to us ! ]

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