Fauci retracts comments about coronavirus, says pandemic in U.S. not over [Video]


  • Dr. Anthony Fauci told PBS on Tuesday that the US is “out of the pandemic phase” with COVID-19.
  • Fauci on Wednesday walked back his comments, saying his words could have “lead to some misinterpretation.
  • He clarified that he was referring to an “acute, fulminant phase.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci walked back his comments that the United States is “out of the pandemic phase.”

On Wednesday, the leading infectious disease expert clarified to NPR that “I probably should have said the acute component of the pandemic phase, and I understand how that can lead to some misinterpretation.”

Fauci told PBS NewsHour on Tuesday that “we are certainly, right now, in this country, out of the pandemic phase.”

Fauci noted that Covid-19 cases are at “a low level right now.” He told PBS that the U.S. doesn’t “have 900,000 new infections a day and tens and tens and tens of thousands of hospitalizations and thousands of deaths. So, if you’re saying, are we out of the pandemic phase in this country? We are.”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Wednesday also tried to clarify Fauci’s comments.

“What Dr. Fauci was saying is that we are in a different phase of this pandemic, and that’s absolutely true,” Psaki said. She added that “we also know COVID isn’t over and the pandemic isn’t over.”

The Biden administration once again struggles with increasing coronavirus cases and hospitalizations. But this time, many Americans are not willing to follow mitigation measures like mask-wearing.

Fauci has been the target of criticism from Republicans and critics who are against masking and vaccine mandates and questioned changing coronavirus guidance.

Covid-19 infections get closer to the White House as Vice President Kamala Harris tested positive for the coronavirus this week. She announced that she has no symptoms.

The White House said it is still following COVID-19 protocols. But due to risk concerns, Fauci backed out of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner this weekend while Biden announced he will not attend the dinner portion of the event.

Source: New York Post

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  1. Who cares what the smarmy little pos thinks……..he’s a lying, irrelevant POS!!! HELL AWAITS YOU, FAUXCI.

    1. the pandemic may or may not be over but Fauci is over. He’s just an annoying source of misinformation.

  2. Faust screwed up. After telling the facts and then coming back and saying just kidding his handlers at the white house scolded him for releasing the American public from slavery. They need this pandemic for the elections. They need to tell people to stay home and vote from there. My hope is there are enough Americans to tell this administration to screw off and show up for election day. If the radicals keep their post it will be the end of our Constitution. It will become of the government by the government for the government. The ministry of propaganda will be no different than any other dictator who has destroyed people’s lives from the past.

  3. It’s the GONG SHOW starring starring, who else, Anthony Fuuci, joined tonight by Sleeeepy Joe Biden, and his sidekick, the incomparable Kamala Harris. With appearances by Rochelle Walinisky and the rest of the incompetent lying traitorous Democratic Administration. Let’s hear a wonderful heart felt Bronx cheer for them all.

  4. Anyone who believes anything out of Washington these days is a fool! Nothing anyone says has a shred of truth. This PlanDEMic is a hoax! They would not know the truth if it hit them on the face. These tyrants need to be removed!

  5. Everyone needs a get out and vote this anti American administration out of office! Make sure you have phones to record any misdeeds by ballot people or at ballot box. Everyone needs to watch “”2000 Mules”” film, don’t let our elections be stolen again.

  6. Buy the way, this smarmy little POS gets paid millions to spout his lies to the American people!!

  7. Who is Fauci? – Fauci is the most common swindler. A cunning, vicious liar. But his fate raised him to an unprecedented height, from which it is long and painful to fall. That’s why he resists so much.

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