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Teacher’s Tragic Secret Shocks Family



Clear Facts

  • London-based teacher Alastair Hamilton traveled to Switzerland to end his life at the Pegasos suicide clinic.
  • Hamilton’s family was left searching for answers after his unexpected death, encountering numerous hurdles in their pursuit of closure.
  • Swiss law permits assisted suicide if the helper’s motives are altruistic, and Pegasos does not require terminal illness or an accompanying individual for the procedure.

A London-based teacher, Alastair Hamilton, 47, reportedly traveled to Switzerland to have himself killed at a Swiss suicide clinic called Pegasos, according to the Daily Mail. He ended his life through lethal injection, costing over £10,000 (approximately $12,700). Hamilton told his family that he was taking a trip to Paris to meet a friend. His death only surfaced after his family searched for him following his summer 2023 disappearance, involving the UK’s Metropolitan Police, the Foreign Office, and Interpol.

Judith Hamilton, Alastair’s mother, said, “Why Pegasos acted the way they did and agreed to help Alastair do this, I don’t think I will ever understand. We’re all still heartbroken and still have so many questions, but I’m not sure we will ever get all the answers.”

The Hamilton family reportedly encountered numerous hurdles in their pursuit of closure. They were left waiting for personal items, including goodbye letters Alastair was said to have left behind, and his ashes, which they only received two months posthumously. Pegasos’s initial refusal to discuss the matter, citing legal advice, only added to their anguish.

Prior to his death, Alastair moved back into his parents’ home in Hampton and given up full-time work. He had reportedly been suffering from unexplained weight loss and fatigue since 2022. Despite multiple health checks, his condition remained undiagnosed.

Swiss law has permitted assisted suicide since 1942 if the helper’s motives are altruistic. Individuals seeking assistance must be mentally competent, but terminal illness or specific medical conditions are not required.

Assisted suicide clinics in Switzerland operate as non-profit organizations. Unlike the more renowned Dignitas, Pegasos does not stipulate terminal illness as a requirement for assisted suicide, nor does it mandate the presence of an accompanying individual.

Clear Thoughts (op-ed)

The tragic case of Alastair Hamilton highlights the darker side of assisted suicide. While Switzerland’s laws may permit such actions, one must question the morality of a system that allows an individual to end their life without proper safeguards in place.

The lack of transparency from Pegasos only exacerbates the pain for the Hamilton family. In a society that values life and the sanctity of the family unit, we must question the ethics of clinics that operate in such a manner.

Moreover, the absence of a requirement for terminal illness or a specific medical condition raises concerns about the potential for abuse. Mental health issues, financial pressures, or even momentary despair could lead to irreversible decisions.


In conclusion, Alastair Hamilton’s story serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of assisted suicide without proper checks and balances. As a society, we must reevaluate the ethics of such practices and prioritize the protection of vulnerable individuals.

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  1. American_League

    January 31, 2024 at 7:42 pm

    Do we, as a society, turn a blind eye to those who wish to end their lives, with disinterested and total disregard for their loved ones, and no presentation to them as to why they should live? Are we saying, “Fine, whatever.”, when we should be asking, “How can we help?”


    January 31, 2024 at 11:36 pm

    Our society should be based on doing the right thing when it comes to a human being , and helping or assisting in killing someone is not the right thing to do ” ..We as a society need to be better , when someone is crying out for help ” 😢🙏 This is horrible!!

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