Biden praises Trump for getting booster shot, Operation Warp Speed [Video]


  • President Joe Biden praised former President Donald Trump for receiving a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot during a speech Tuesday.
  • Biden said it was “maybe one of the few things he and I agree on.”
  • The president also credited the previous administration for its Operation Warp Speed.

In a speech Tuesday, President Joe Biden praised former President Donald Trump for publicly admitting he received the Covid-19 booster shot

“Just the other day former President Trump announced he had gotten his booster shot — maybe one of the few things he and I agree on,” Biden said.

The president encouraged all Americans to get boosted. He pledged to deliver 500 million free at-home COVID-19 testing kits, send military doctors and nurses to hard-hit states. Biden also tried to ease people’s fears amid the spread of omicron.

“Over 200 million Americans should have the peace of mind they did not have in March of 2020,” Biden said referring to those vaccinated. “They’re protected from hospitalization. They’re protected from death.”

He also credited “the prior administration and our scientific community” for its Operation Warp Speed in rare praise for his predecessor as he addressed the nation over the omicron variant. Warp Speed.

“It’s your patriotic duty” to get vaccinated, Biden stressed.

The new omicron variant has now become “the predominant variant across North America and Europe, while the rest of the world braces for the eventual takeover,” as Tuesday’s Johns Hopkins School of Public Health newsletter stated.

According to Johns Hopkins, omicron now accounts for 73.2% of the total number of new coronavirus infections in the U.S. Last week, it accounted for only 12.6%.

“I know you’re tired, and I know you’re frustrated. We all want this to be over. But we’re still in it,” Biden assured. “We also have more tools than we had before. We’re ready, we’ll get through this.”

The administration plans to purchase 500 million coronavirus rapid tests that will be shipped to Americans starting in January, The Associated Press wrote. People will use a new website to order their tests, which will then be sent by U.S. mail at no charge.

The federal government will also establish new testing sites and use the Defense Production Act to help manufacture more tests.

Source: New York Post

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