Buffalo supermarket shooting renews calls for gun control and social media accountability

Buffalo mayor says shooter aimed to ‘take Black lives’ [Video]

  • Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said that the teenage gunman purposefully drove to the area to take Black lives.
  • Payton Gendron shot 13 people and killed 10, the majority of whom were Black.
  • Gendron, 18, has been charged with first-degree murder.

Mayor Byron Brown of Buffalo, New York, is calling for gun control and an end to hate speech after a teenage gunman purposefully drove to the area “with the express purpose of taking Black lives.”

According to the authorities, an 18-year-old white gunman opened fire at the Tops supermarket in Buffalo on Saturday afternoon.

The teenage gunman shot 13 people, the majority of whom were Black, killing 10.

During an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Mayor Brown told moderator Chuck Todd that the gunman drove hours from his hometown to the predominately Black neighborhood in Buffalo.

Brown stated, “The individual that committed this crime drove from several hours away. They were not from this community, and they drove here with the express purpose of taking Black lives.”

The shooter, who live-streamed the attack, has been identified as Payton Gendron from Conklin, New York.

Gendron’s semi-automatic weapon reportedly had the N-word and the number 14 painted in white on the barrel. Officials also found a manifesto, which appears to belong to Gendron, that mentioned plans to kill Black people. The manifesto also referenced a white supremacist conspiracy theory called the replacement theory, which believes that people of color will outnumber white people.

Gendron has been charged with first-degree murder, to which he pleaded not guilty.

During Brown’s interview with NBC, he called for “sensible gun control” and the end of hate speech online. He added that hate speech “is not free speech” and “is not the American way.”

Brown continued, “We are not a nation of haters. We are not a nation of hate. We need to send the message that there is no place on the internet for hate speech, for hate indoctrination, for spreading hate manifestos.”

The mayor expressed his hope that the shooting in Buffalo will be a “turning point,” in that changes will happen “in terms of the energy and the activity that we see.”

Source: Insider

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4 thoughts on “Buffalo mayor says shooter aimed to ‘take Black lives’ [Video]

  1. I don’t see more gun laws making a difference, when all the laws already on the books don’t stop criminals, gangs and people with mental illness from having guns and using them to hurt others.
    Hate and racist problems are going to get out of proportion with the new WH press person inflaming issues. SOP for this administration, divide the country with RACE, HATE, GENDER. People who use these cards to justify their problems are only making the problem worse,
    as well as justifying the need for our 2nd amendment rights, to protect ourselves from the people who are supposed to be protecting the American people.

    I attended a funeral today, I’m going to miss common sense so much. RIP COMMON SENSE

  2. This moron slipped through the cracks, just like several shooters slipped through the cracks, even the Parkland shooter slipped through the cracks. it’s easer to ask for gun control, and gun control for the liberal commie Democrats is Gun Confiscation, infringe on the rights of law abiding gun owners, than it is to investigate the underlying problem. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. The government is to take on 75% of the underlying causes for not enforcing the law that’s already on the books. What good are red flag laws, if the government doesn’t enforce them? One should ask Corrupt Quid Pro why he shows up at Buffalo, and didn’t show up when a black driver plowed through a parade and killed white people. It doesn’t fit Corrupt Quid Pro’s false narrative. A white Supremacist shoots blacks in a supermarket, a white police officer kills an African American, this all deserves attention by Corrupt Quid Pro and the liberal commie Democrats, Black on black Crime, Black Capitol Police Officer, kills unarmed white woman, Black driver plows through parade kills white people, doesn’t deserve attention from the disinformation and propaganda outlets for the liberal commie Democrats unless it’s white on black crime. Ignorant Mayorkas wants a truth board. Mayorkas might want to start with Rolling Stone that called this mentally deranged killer a Republican. He’s a Democrat not a Republican. The only reason Mayorkas wants a truth board is to counteract the propaganda and disinformation from his own party. Corrupt Quid Pro and the liberal commie Democrats condone all of this. They love mass shootings, its strokes the flames of division, which is the only way they can capture the African American vote, with their disinformation and propaganda. Corrupt Quid Pro’s new press secretary is just another propaganda and disinformation Minister to carry the fraudulent football for corrupt Quid Pro. The new press secretary is also a racist.

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