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Catholic-Affiliated Hospitals Performing Gender Reassignment Surgery



Knowledge Nuggets:

  • Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, a part of America’s largest Catholic health network, reportedly spent over $2.6 million on robotic surgery technology, da Vinci system, to assist with transgender sex-change operations.
  • The hospital’s financing came under scrutiny after a report by Catholic think tank, the Lepanto Institute, highlighted the apparent contradiction with Catholic teachings.
  • The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has clearly stated that Catholic health care services must not participate in procedures aiming to transform the sexual characteristics of a human body.

Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, part of the Dignity Health network under CommonSpirit Health – America’s most expansive Catholic health network, has drawn attention due to its reported utilization of a robotic surgical platform for transgender sex-change operations. An inquiry from the Lepanto Institute, a Catholic think tank, revealed the hospital’s $2.6 million expenditure on their second da Vinci system.

This advanced robotic surgical platform supports various surgeries, including gender reassignment procedures. As the hospital continues to offer a multitude of sex-change surgeries, the Lepanto Institute’s report underscores a possible incongruity with the Catholic ethos that the healthcare network espouses.

The contradictions are further highlighted by a recent mandate from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. They emphatically stated that Catholic health care institutions should refrain from participating in procedures intended to alter the sexual characteristics of a human body to those of the opposite sex.

In spite of this, Saint Francis Memorial Hospital has promoted such procedures as a pathway to living as one’s “authentic self,” even producing content showcasing patients’ transitions. The hospital also boasts an “excellence in Gender Confirmation Surgery Accreditation,” presumably as a testament to the volume of surgeries performed.

Clear Thoughts:

I can’t help but point out something that seems obvious. The trans community wants people to accept them for who they are, but being trans by definition is not accepting yourself as you were born.

A trans person is born a man or a woman. They grow older and decide they do not accept that they are that gender and change themselves. If you can’t accept yourself for who you are when you were born, why should you expect other people to except you as you are after a sex change?

The Mayo Clinic states that “Gender dysphoria is the feeling of discomfort or distress that might occur in people whose gender identity differs from their sex assigned at birth or sex-related physical characteristics.

A diagnosis for gender dysphoria is included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), a manual published by the American Psychiatric Association.” [1]

Is society doing the right thing by “affirming” a mental disorder? There are many different mental disorders and people suffering from mental disorders should be treated with compassion and kindness. A person does not choose to be schizophrenic, or autistic any more than they choose to be gender dysphoric. That being said if a schizophrenic person claims to be covered in attacking ants; that clearly is a manifestation of their illness, is it moral or ethical to “affirm” their delusion? Just because a person with a mental disorder believes something to be true does not demand that all of society lie to make that person “feel better”.


I will bet you that the practice of sex-change surgery will be looked back on in the future much the same way we look at the practice of lobotomy today. Cancel me if you want for saying this, but I will speak the truth. That is another hypocrisy from the trans movement. They use the term “speak my truth”. What they mean is speak their truth, not your truth. It is a funny thing to think there are different versions of truth instead of just: THE Truth.




  1. Creole Gumbo

    June 18, 2023 at 7:03 am

    Catholic hospitals are big business enterprises just like all other hospitals. I worked for a Catholic hospital system that was pushing me (behind closed doors) to prescribe narcotics and antibiotics to anyone who wanted them irrespective of need. They did not want to hear about my moral and legal obligation to NOT prescribe narcotics to abusers and to NOT dole out antibiotics and other prescription drugs to patients just because they wanted them and (erroneously) believed that they would help. I had to routinely remind administration that if patients were entitled to these drugs simply because they wanted them then the drugs would be available over the counter. ALL drugs have undesirable side effects and those that are Rx have been deemed to need expertise to determine need and dosage, etc. As long as I am liable and as long as law demands that I must determine need I will decide who gets what Rx.

  2. The Rebel

    June 18, 2023 at 9:26 am

    After 16 years of Catholic schooling, I did learn to think on my own and how to determine right from wrong. There is nothing wrong with the rules of the Catholic Church but the problems arise with the Church politics and its corrupt ordained leaders !!!!

  3. Anthony J Byrne

    June 18, 2023 at 11:43 am

    As a x Catholic I’m disgusted with this.But then I’m not surprised anything for money. London Calling

  4. Ellie C

    June 18, 2023 at 2:43 pm

    I was born nd raised Catholic. Now I watch mass on T.V because the church is a snake pit. Bought and paid for by the highest bidder. How much cash passed hands to get that Marxist so called Pope on the throne? He has ruined the church.
    He finds it okay to let a hag like Pelosi, an ass like Biden and long faced Kerry Communion, knowing they are big voices abortion up to the birth of the baby. Gay life style is just fine. No to both . Church Doctrine and the Bible say NO. Instead of holding pedophile priest responsible they spend hundreds of thousand of dollars on attorney fees, then move the sick pervert to another Parish. The church is in free fall. All part of One World Order. NO THANKS!

  5. Randi Brewer

    June 18, 2023 at 3:11 pm

    This is without a doubt the best article on the trans subject I have ever read. Great points are by made and I will remember these !

  6. Howdydoody

    June 18, 2023 at 3:27 pm

    It comes as no surprise what the Catholic organizations do. They are as corrupt as can be. Homo’s run rampant in their organization and always have been for centuries.

  7. Ralph

    July 12, 2023 at 8:49 pm

    I didn’t know that they believed that God made mistakes. I have always believed that God makes no mistakes. Witch to me means if you were born a male then you are a male. The same thing with females. Now after hearing that your hospital is doing gender operations. Then you must believe that God does make mistakes. Now would you like to show me where it says in the bible he does because I have never seen it. You know it appears to me that your church must have decided that you would rather please the people in this world than to please the Lord. I’m sure you know he is going to ask you why you did this and I really doubt you have an answer that he is going to let you get by with.
    That being the case. You may very well not be able to live in the new city with him.

  8. Beverly Soltwedel

    July 15, 2023 at 11:57 am

    Anyone or any business who performs gender surgery of any kind should be put in prison or loose their license for good. God created male and female–nothing else–It is only a money making business and this crap should be stopped NOW!! I am a Lutheran and every time I read something like this I just want to throw up.. Men are men–women are women–nothing in between

  9. Diane Corr

    October 28, 2023 at 3:25 am

    There’s a Catholic hospital in Denver – not sure of the name. My cousin, who lives in NYC, has been visiting his elderly aunt in Denver for years. Last year, he brought his aunt to the Catholic hospital in Denver. The Legal Dept. was informed and kept her there (a cold), stating she shouldn’t be living alone. Bottom line, she owned her house, leaving it to her nephew. They transferred her to a nursing home owned by the hospital. The lawyer knew the judge who claimed he didn’t have rights to his aunt’s house. Bottom line, they wound up taking her house AND her car. My cousin’s intention was to retire from his job & care for his aunt who went into Depression and after 6 months, she passed. It appears every hospital in the U.S. has a Legal Dept., ready to pounce (steal).

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