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One in 20 suffers from long COVID, study finds




  • A new study from Scotland found that one in 20 people suffer from “long COVID.”
  • Around 6% felt they still had symptoms while 42% believe they were only partially recovered, about six to 18 months after being diagnosed.
  • Long COVID was found to be more prevalent in individuals with pre-existing medical conditions.

One in 20 people suffer from “long COVID,” or long-term effects after recovery from the disease, according to a new study from Scotland.

Researchers from the University of Glasgow started the study of COVID-19’s long-term effects in May 2021. They discovered that some symptoms could lead to severe infections and could even require hospitalization.

Long-term effects, which include brain fog, palpitations, breathlessness, and chest pain, could be experienced in a mild to moderate range. Some symptoms, however, may not necessarily be attributed to COVID-19.

The team studied 33,281 laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 infections in Scotland and compared them with 62,957 individuals who have never been diagnosed. All participants were given questionnaires six, 12, and 18 months later.

Jill Pell, professor of public health at the University of Glasgow, explained, “By comparing symptoms with those uninfected, we were able to distinguish between health problems that are due to COVID-19 and health problems that would have happened anyway.”

About six to 18 months after being diagnosed with the disease, 6% felt they still had symptoms, while 42% believed they were only partially recovered.

Meanwhile, individuals who only had an asymptomatic infection did not exhibit any long-term symptoms. Individuals who received the vaccine before contracting the disease also had lower risks of suffering from long-term effects.

Meanwhile, older women with lower incomes were among those who were most at risk. Long COVID was also more prevalent in individuals with pre-existing medical conditions such as respiratory illness or mental health issues such as depression.

Pell highlighted the importance of understanding and aiding not just current COVID-19 patients but also those struggling with symptoms post-recovery.

Source: Fox News

1 Comment

1 Comment

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