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New Mexico State Police mistakenly respond to wrong address, fatally shoot resident



What You Need To Know!

  • New Mexico State Police mistakenly responded to the wrong address in Farmington while responding to a domestic violence call, leading to a deadly shooting.
  • The officers knocked on the front door of 5305 Valley View Avenue and announced themselves as police officers, but the occupants of the home opened the door armed, resulting in an exchange of gunfire.
  • Robert Dotson, 52, was fatally shot by an officer during the exchange, while his wife fired a shot from the doorway of the residence but complied with officers once she realized they were police.

On Wednesday night, police officers in Farmington, New Mexico responded to a call for a domestic violence incident. However, officers mistakenly visited the wrong address, 5305 Valley View Avenue instead of 5308 Valley View Avenue.

Upon arriving at 5305 Valley View Avenue, the officers knocked on the front door and announced themselves as Farmington police officers. When there was no answer, officers requested that their dispatch call the reporting party back and have them come to the front door.

The occupants of 5305 Valley View Avenue, Robert Dotson and his wife, opened the door armed, leading to an exchange of gunfire.

Body camera footage shows that as the officers backed away from the home, Robert Dotson opened the screen door armed with a handgun, prompting officer(s) to fire at least one round from their duty weapon(s) and striking Mr. Dotson.

After the initial shooting, Mr. Dotson’s wife also fired from the doorway of the residence. Once she realized that the individuals outside the residence were officers, she complied with the officer’s commands.

Unfortunately, Robert Dotson was pronounced deceased at the scene, while the other occupant was uninjured and not charged with a crime.

The New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau is currently investigating the incident and collecting evidence and interviews.


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