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Bill Maher Sounds Alarm on Consequences of Extreme Wokeness Using Canada



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  • Bill Maher, a well-known comedian, recently discussed the potential consequences if the United States continues towards what he termed as extreme ‘wokeness’. He used Canada as an example, referring to it as a “cautionary tale”.
  • Maher drew parallels between the two countries, stating that the unemployment rate in Canada is higher than in the US, and the air quality is poorer. He also highlighted that Canada’s single-payer healthcare system is failing to meet expectations.
  • He cautioned that leaning too far left politically could potentially push those in the center towards the right, underscoring the importance of maintaining a balance to prevent unchecked extreme wokeness.

On a recent episode of “Real Time” on HBO, Maher expressed concerns about the United States’ trajectory towards extreme ‘wokeness’. He pointed to Canada as an example of the potential outcomes of such a path, labeling it as a “cautionary tale”.

Maher said, “In politics, liberals are often seen as the accelerator and conservatives as the brakes. Though I usually lean towards acceleration, I do not support it if it leads us off a cliff.”

Maher believes there are valuable lessons to be learned from progressive countries that are succeeding, but it is also essential to recognize their shortcomings.

He offered comparisons between the United States and Canada. Maher mentioned that while the US has an unemployment rate of 3.8%, in Canada, it is a significantly higher 6.1%. He also addressed the inferior air quality in Canada compared to the US.

“Canada, once a dream destination for those disenchanted with America’s patriarchal status quo, is not quite the utopia it is made out to be.” Maher commented.

He also drew attention to the severe housing crisis in Canada, compared to America.

“The average price of a home in the US is $346,000. In Canada, when converted to US dollars, it’s $487,000. If Barbie relocated to Winnipeg, she wouldn’t be able to afford her dream house and Ken would be working at Tim Hortons.”

Maher also critiqued Canada’s single-payer healthcare system, admired by many American liberals, but according to him, it falls short of its promises.

“Canada’s healthcare system, which ranks last among high-income countries in terms of access to primary healthcare and the ability to see a doctor promptly. Despite high spending, with over 13% of its economy dedicated to healthcare, the system is not delivering as expected.”


Maher concluded with a word of caution.

“The takeaway here is that it’s possible to swing too far to the left. When that happens, you risk pushing those in the middle towards the right. At its worst, Canada represents the fear of unchecked extreme wokeness among American voters.”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. M.I.Childs

    April 19, 2024 at 7:59 am

    Meher is a JFK democrat. Sorry guy,
    that party doesn’t exist any more. In its place is a Monty Python/ Romper Room rerun right out of
    the Twilight Zone, and you’re staring in it. In fact
    you’re the guy in the TZ episode where he wakes up and discovers that the world he thought he knew is
    gone and he’s not human but a machine. So find your
    switch, turn your self off, and may be you’ll wake up
    human and from plant earth? Then again maybe not!

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