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Instagram Post Seals Fate: Beauty Queen Tracked and Murdered by Cartel



Clear Facts

  • A food photograph posted on Instagram was used to locate and murder Landy Párraga Goyburo, a 23-year-old Ecuadorian beauty queen, in broad daylight, as per police statements.
  • Surveillance images revealed the terrifying moment when the model was fatally attacked inside a restaurant in Quevedo, Ecuador.
  • Authorities believe that the execution was ordered by the spouse of a drug lord with whom Goyburo was rumored to be involved.

A terrifying example of how social media can be misused by criminals emerged when cartel hitmen allegedly targeted an Ecuadorian beauty queen using a simple food photo she posted on Instagram. Police reports suggest that the 23-year-old model was found and brazenly killed in broad daylight due to her alleged past relationship with a married drug lord.

The terrifying event was recorded on CCTV at a restaurant in Quevedo, Ecuador. The video shows Landy Párraga Goyburo, a beauty pageant contestant, having a meal with a male friend. Their peaceful Sunday afternoon took a tragic turn when a masked man entered through the front door and started shooting at Goyburo.

The following are details from the surveillance footage: “A beauty pageant contestant was violently attacked inside a restaurant in Quevedo, Ecuador.”

After Goyburo was shot thrice, the second shooter, who had guarded the front door, made a quick exit, leaving Goyburo in a pool of her own blood. She succumbed to her wounds immediately.

Authorities believe that the brutal murder was planned by the wife of a drug lord, with whom Goyburo was rumored to have an affair. Evidence supporting this connection was reportedly discovered in a text message conversation between the now-deceased drug trafficker, Leandro Norero, and his accountant, Helive Angulo.

“If my wife discovers anything about her, I’m in trouble,” Norero allegedly shared his apprehensions with his attorney in 2022. “My friend, her name must not be mentioned anywhere. Otherwise, my world will come crashing down.”

The model, who represented Los Rios province in the 2022 Miss Ecuador beauty contest, was under investigation by the Attorney General’s Office. However, no charges were ever filed against her.

Norero was arrested and later murdered in prison six months into his sentence. Like many others caught up in the treacherous world of drug trafficking, Goyburo never publicly commented on Norero or his alleged criminal activities.


What directed the alleged cartel hitmen to Goyburo’s location was a food photograph shared on her Instagram. The beauty queen, with more than 175,000 followers on her Instagram page, had posted a photo of octopus ceviche.

Goyburo, who was in Quevedo for a wedding, made her last Instagram post on Wednesday, writing, “The world is an echo, what you send into it, you get out of it.” Unknowingly, the same platform she used to inspire her followers would be manipulated by her killers to locate her.

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1 Comment

  1. Sparky

    May 16, 2024 at 6:54 pm

    If they know this much then the$;$;); that ordered the hit should be put in prison to be repeatedly raped by the guards.

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