Pelosi didn’t know Trump would be “so sensitive” over her “morbidly obese” comments [Video]


  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi justified her remarks regarding President Donald Trump’s weight as “morbidly obese,” saying he’s putting his life in greater risk from taking hydroxychloroquine drug for COVID-19 treatment.
  • During his press conference on Tuesday, Trump said that Pelosi “is a sick woman” and has “a lot of mental problems.”
  • Trump, 73, with 6 feet, 3 inches height and a weight of 243 pounds puts his body mass index at 30.4, which narrowly qualifies him in the “obese” category of 30 or greater.

On Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi defended her comments regarding President Donald Trump’s “morbidly obese” condition, which she said in a Monday interview with CNN’s Andersoon Cooper. She gave the comments as a warning that the president is putting his life in greater risk from taking an unproven COVID-19 medicine given his weight.

The house speaker said she did not expect that the president would be sensitive regarding his physique. “I didn’t know that he would be so sensitive. He’s always talking about other people’s … weight, their pounds,” Pelosi told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace in a Tuesday interview.

“I think he should recognize that his words weigh a ton. Instead of telling people to put Lysol into their lungs or taking a medication that has not been approved except under certain circumstances, he should be saying what your previous guest mentioned, things that would help people,” Pelosi added, referring to Trump’s suggestions of using disinfectants last month.

At first, Trump disregarded Pelosi’s characterization of his weight earlier in the day, “I don’t respond to her. I think she’s a waste of time,” he said during the press conference at Capitol Hill.

Then about five minutes later, Trump responded to an unrelated question, saying: “Pelosi is a sick woman. She’s got a lot of problems, a lot of mental problems.”

On Monday, the president claimed he has been taking hydroxychloroquine for about a week and a half after one of his personal valets was confirmed with COVID-19.

Over the past two months, Trump has repeatedly touted the drug as a potential COVID-19 treatment or preventive measure despite lack of scientific evidence.

“This is an individual decision to make,” Trump said at Tuesday’s press conference. “But it’s had a great reputation, and if it was somebody else other than me, people would say, ‘Gee, isn’t that smart?'”

In the Monday interview with Cooper, Pelosi said, “I would rather he not be taking something that has not been approved by the scientists, especially in his age group and in his, shall we say, weight group, morbidly obese, they say. So, I think that it’s not a good idea.”

Trump, 73, with 6 feet, 3 inches of height and a weight of 243 pounds would put his body mass index at 30.4, which narrowly qualifies him in the “obese” category of 30 or greater — based on the results of his medical exam last year.

Source: The Hill

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