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Researchers Find Mystery Shipwreck in Lake Michigan



Clear Facts:

  • A mysterious shipwreck has been uncovered “far offshore” of West Michigan by the non-profit Michigan Shipwreck Research Association using advanced sonar technology.
  • The vessel’s identity remains confidential until validated by specialized scuba divers due to its challenging depth in the lake.
  • Lake Michigan, with its vast history, has concealed potentially over 1,500 shipwrecks, marking it as a treasure trove of maritime history awaiting further exploration.

The enigmatic depths of Lake Michigan have yielded another of their secrets, as a mysterious shipwreck has been discovered on its floor.

This discovery is not just a testament to maritime history, but a nod to the spirit of American exploration and our tenacious pursuit of knowledge.

The Michigan Shipwreck Research Association (MSRA), a commendable non-profit organization, revealed this intriguing find located “far offshore” of West Michigan.

Their tireless efforts have been rewarded with this discovery, after rigorous searches that were initially fruitless.

Their application of Deep Vision Side sonar eventually bore fruit.

As per Craig R. Rich, MSRA’s director, “This one was discovered within the search grid we identified after analyzing dozens of newspaper articles and legal documents from the period to narrow down the target area.”

While the identity of the ship remains veiled in mystery for now, the MSRA has chosen to withhold its name until a hands-on inspection can validate their findings.


“While we are fairly sure of this shipwreck’s identity, we’ve been mistaken before,” Rich wisely pointed out.

The association’s due diligence entails deploying technical scuba divers to the site, a task not for the faint-hearted given the challenging depths at which the wreck lies.

Rich described the expedition saying, “A single dive will take nearly three hours to accomplish due to the slow speed at which a diver must ascend from such depths.”

The imagery captured by the sonar revealed a vessel resting “intact and upright,” yet the quest to understand its history has only just begun.

There are, according to the MSRA, over 300 known shipwrecks scattered around the areas of Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin within Lake Michigan. But many more remain concealed, awaiting discovery.

Lake Michigan’s deceptive serenity masks its turbulent history: it has seen countless vessels meet their tragic ends.

“Thousands of these vessels came to tragic ends on the lakes, with probably 1,500 in Lake Michigan alone,” Rich said.

Lake Michigan has witnessed an enormous volume of maritime traffic, especially during the 19th century.


Rich explained, “The Great Lakes were the highways of the 19th century, with thousands of vessels plying the waters from Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Cleveland to the lumber regions of West Michigan and, later, the iron ore and copper mines of the Upper Peninsula.”

The discovery is a powerful reminder of our history and the countless stories submerged beneath the lake’s waters.

The MSRA’s work is far from over, and as they delve deeper into Lake Michigan’s history, they continue to revive the stories that have been silent for decades, or even centuries.


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1 Comment

  1. Gerald Scott Ladd

    August 15, 2023 at 10:32 am

    No one owns a submarine?

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