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Tulsi Gabbard Blasts Big Tech for “Erosion of Spiritual Values”



Clear Facts:

  • Tulsi Gabbard criticized big tech companies for eroding the social fabric after a YouTuber was shot during a prank.
  • Gabbard blames the current social media structure for creating a “social de-civilization effect.”
  • The former Democratic Party member emphasizes the importance of spiritual values, separate from religious beliefs.

Former Democratic Party member, Tulsi Gabbard, took big tech to task, holding them accountable for what she deems as the degradation of societal values.

This was in response to a disturbing incident where a man was found not guilty after shooting a YouTuber during a prank in Sterling, Virginia.

Taking to the ‘Gutfeld’ show on Fox News, Gabbard expressed her disquiet over the increasing dependency on social media by the younger generation, implying that such platforms are indirectly promoting disruptive behaviors.

Speaking about the shooting incident, Gabbard emphasized, “The tragedy of this whole thing is, you know…We can make jokes about it but the fact that this 21-year-old kid was shot because he was harassing people for clicks so that he can make two or 3,000 a month on YouTube..”

She further attributed the aggressive behavior of young individuals to the “social de-civilization effect of social media.”


She called out big tech companies, saying, “This is literally the social de-civilization effect of social media, of these big tech social media companies making a ton of money so guys like him, they don’t care about the consequences, their actions, their words.”

The former Congresswoman extended her critique by linking the current state of affairs to a lack of spiritual grounding, saying, “It is all for the clicks and it is essentially eroding the spiritual foundation of our country which has nothing to do with religion.”

She urged society to embrace kindness, mutual respect, and the Golden Rule.

Sharing her sentiments on Instagram, Gabbard posted, “Big Tech “social media” companies make huge $$ while they destroy the social fabric of our society. It’s no surprise the lack of compassion, empathy, and respect on “social media” carries over to real life.”

She warned that neglecting this decline in moral values could lead to rising levels of “unhappiness and despair.”

Social media users reacted positively to Gabbard’s critique of big tech companies, with one user tweeting, “True words! The impact of Big Tech on our society’s values is a concern we all need to address.”

Another added, “I wholeheartedly agree. Too many people are searching for social value because the fabric of society has been ripped apart.”

Other users compared the influence of social media to the tobacco industry, hinting at potential health impacts.


Some even envisioned a prominent political role for Gabbard in the future due to her perspective on such pivotal issues.

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  1. Wyatt Earp

    October 10, 2023 at 7:47 pm

    Every social media is control by foreign government! Folks get off Facebook and other left wing crap! You on TikToc your information is getting stolen! Believe it or not China has built into your cellphone that gives them your private information

  2. Tom Streets

    October 10, 2023 at 11:55 pm

    I would agree with Tulsi Gabbard that social media has led people away from spiritual values. That has been greatly because of the freely independent though by users which social media encourages. However, I would totally differ from her in her statement that it has nothing to do with religion. Religion is the venue/location from which spiritual values originated.

  3. Tom Streets

    October 11, 2023 at 12:00 am

    Non-religion claims that spirits do not exist. It claims that people are not responsible to a higher power, a spirit, the originator of life and spiritual values.

  4. Jeff

    October 17, 2023 at 8:29 pm

    Excellent observation by Ms. Gabbard.

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