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Airline Unveils “Adults-Only” Section



Clear Facts:

  • Corendon Airlines introduces an adults-only section on flights between Amsterdam and Curacao, excluding passengers under 16.
  • This section comes at an extra cost: 45 euros ($49) for the standard seat and 100 euros ($109) for extra-legroom seats.
  • The concept isn’t new: other airlines like Scoot and Malaysia Airlines have previously tried implementing age restrictions in specific sections.

No more kicking on the back of your seat, incessant whining, or unpredictable toddler meltdowns at 35,000 feet?

That’s what Corendon Airlines promises with its new adults-only section, a feature that they hope will appeal to many long-haul passengers. But at what cost?

Corendon Airlines recently announced its intention to cater to those passengers who prefer a break from the youthful ruckus. Starting in November, flights between Amsterdam and Curacao will offer an adults-only zone, prohibiting any passengers under the age of 16.

The airline, in a move to appease both families and child-free travelers, emphasizes the benefits: “People traveling without children will get quiet surroundings, and parents won’t have to worry that their crying or fidgeting kids will annoy fellow passengers.”

But how is Corendon making this promise a reality? They’ll reserve 93 standard seats and nine extra-legroom seats in the adult zone located at the front of its Airbus A350 jets. For the sake of added tranquility (or is it exclusivity?), this section will be separated from the remaining 432-seat capacity by a wall or curtain.

However, this solace comes at a price. The airline has disclosed on its website that an additional fee of 45 euros ($49) will be slapped on for the privilege of the no-kids zone, which escalates to 100 euros ($109) for a more spacious seat.

Brett Snyder, a travel aficionado and the mind behind the Cranky Flier blog, shared his insights on the new move.

“For a heavy leisure airline like Corendon, which is probably full of families with little kids, I can see the appeal for someone traveling without kids to pay extra to be away from them to have more peace and quiet,” he stated.

Yet, he also offers a reality check: travelers at the end of the adult zone might still get an earful of cries, likening it to “the old days when you were in the last row of the non-smoking section but could still taste that smoke.”


Corendon isn’t pioneering this strategy. Scoot, Singapore’s budget airline, has a section restricted to passengers aged 12 and above.

Furthermore, in 2012, Malaysia Airlines grabbed headlines with its policy of barring passengers under 12 in a particular 70-seat economy section. They, however, reversed course later.

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  1. Old wolf

    September 10, 2023 at 9:08 am

    He isn’t the first to do that. The fact he’s aloud to should be the real question to ask. What the hell are the democrats thinking to let this BS happen in the first place.


    September 11, 2023 at 7:03 pm

    If ya can afford to fly, you can afford the 49.00 for some peace and quiet.
    I thought “adults only” would allow couples to join the “Mile High Club”

  3. Gloria

    September 11, 2023 at 8:10 pm

    How about adults that act like kids or worse?

  4. Some guy

    September 12, 2023 at 2:21 pm

    How about charging the premium to the people who bring their noisy disruptive kids onto the plane. If I pay for a seat i shouldn’t have to put up with ill behaved children and ignorant parents. They are the problem. They should pay extra for a special children’s area.

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