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Video Captures Mom’s Discovery of Deadly Snake



Clear Facts

  • A mother in Australia discovered a five-foot Eastern Brown Snake, the world’s second-most venomous snake species, in her toddler’s drawer.
  • The snake had crawled into the laundry as the mother was taking clothes from the clothes line.
  • Snake catcher Mark Pelley warned that such incidents are more common than people might think, with snakes often being unknowingly carried in handbags or shopping bags.

In a startling incident, a mother in Australia found a large Eastern Brown Snake, the world’s second-most venomous snake species, in her toddler’s drawer. The discovery was made while she was fetching clothes for her 3-year-old child. The snake was later identified by Mark Pelley, a snake catcher who was called to the family home to handle the unexpected visitor.

“Mum went to get some clothes for her son and found a large five-foot brown snake instead,” Pelley shared on Facebook. He further explained the likely scenario that led to the snake’s presence in the drawer. “We figured out what happened. She carried in folded washing yesterday and as she was taking clothes from [the] clothes line, [the] brown snake crawled into it.”

The incident sparked a wave of disbelief and curiosity among Facebook users. One user questioned how it was possible to miss a five-foot snake while folding clothes, considering the weight of such a creature.

@snakehunteraus 2nd most venomous snake in top underwear drawer #foryoupage #fyp #reptile #snake #viral #drawer ♬ original sound – SpongeBob background music

In response to the query, Pelley clarified that these snakes are surprisingly light and easy to overlook. He also issued a warning about the frequency of such incidents. “These incidents are more common than people might think,” he said, adding that individuals often unknowingly carry these reptiles in handbags or shopping bags.

Clear Thoughts (op-ed)

The recent incident of a mother finding a venomous snake in her toddler’s drawer in Australia might seem like an isolated event, but it is a stark reminder of the reality we often choose to ignore.

We have become so accustomed to the safety and comfort of our homes that we forget we share this planet with countless other species, some of which can pose a significant threat to our well-being.

In our pursuit of modernity and convenience, we’ve increasingly encroached upon natural habitats, leading to more frequent encounters with wildlife. This is not just an Australian issue but a global one.

We must recognize these incidents not as anomalies but as wake-up calls. It’s time to be more conscious of our surroundings, to respect the balance of nature, and to educate ourselves and our children about the wildlife we share our world with.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Lou

    January 20, 2024 at 8:20 pm

    Man’s wildlife encroachment does two things. It removes habitat which in turn impact wildlife numbers and ultimately existence. Snakes follow food. I wonder what foods were available for the snake. There is reason why the snake is comfortably tucked in a dark quiet place. Digesting perhaps?

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