Trump announces the US would cease funding the World Health Organization [Video]


  • President Donald Trump said that he would halt supporting WHO, pending review of the organization’s earlier responses with the coronavirus outbreak.
  • America spends around $500 million to WHO every year, and this covers almost 15 percent of the organization’s budget.
  • Trump accused the WHO of mismanaging the crisis and failing to disclose accurate info about Wuhan, China.  

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump said the U.S is to stop giving monetary support to the World Health Organization (WHO). At the same time, a review is being conducted to the organization about its actions during the initial period of the coronavirus pandemic.

WHO recently criticized the Trump administration’s travel advisory against China, which happened as early as February, at the time when the Asian nation was considered the center of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The U.S president claimed that WHO mishandled the situation and attempted to conceal information about the coronavirus outbreak, most notably when the pandemic was starting in Wuhan, China.

Trump added that America is facing a national health crisis, and it was just exercising scrutiny over its generous efforts, whether it was utilized correctly. He is also questioning WHO for its failure in being transparent, getting sufficient information, and sharing it at the right time, noting that the contagion may have been contained earlier at the source.

Trump’s decision to stop funding the organization that watches over worldwide public health has raised some concerns if it will have an impact on the efforts of different countries to curb the COVID-19 cases.

Trump accused WHO of feeding misinformation about the virus pandemic in China, and travel bans then were not necessary.

WHO received the first information about COVID-19 cases on Dec. 31, 2019, and according to the organization’s report, it asked Chinese health officials the following day for details. A market in Wuhan was believed to be the source of the virus, and it was then immediately closed for disinfection.

A month after receiving the first report, the agency declares a global health emergency on Jan. 30 upon reaching 10,000 on the number of cases positive with the virus.

Trump was also accusing the WHO of being “China-centric,” noting that America sends funding of $500 million a year to the agency.

According to reports, among 196 member countries, the U.S is the biggest sponsor of WHO, which makes up around 15 percent of the organization’s budget.

Earlier this year, the U.S already disbursed $57.8 million to the WHO, and also provide funds to various special projects.

Trump earlier said that he is carefully weighing on the possibility of cutting down on its WHO funding, but, during the presser on Tuesday, the president said the organization did not perform its duty and must be held liable for failing.

Trump further noted that the WHO had a severe failure in getting credible information about Wuhan as the data were inconsistent the China’s official records.

Trump, having made the announcement, plans to divert to funds to other countries who needed the help.

Source: AOL

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