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A-List Actress Pranks and Flashes Major Department Store



Clear Facts

  • Kate Beckinsale shared on social media that she used humor and friendship to cope with grief after receiving distressing news and the death of her cat, Clive.
  • Beckinsale’s method of emotional processing included making prank calls and a spontaneous act of flashing the Harvey Nichols department store in London.
  • Her candid approach to grief resonated with many of her followers who appreciated her humor and openness during such a difficult time.

In a recent social media post, Hollywood A-list actress Kate Beckinsale revealed how she navigated the tumultuous road of grief and loss. She resorted to lighthearted antics, including an unexpected performance in front of a London retail store and a series of prank calls.

Beckinsale took to her Instagram page to share a video of her mooning Harvey Nichols, a high-end department store in London. This spontaneous act, she explained, was an attempt to bring humor into the gloomy aftermath of receiving distressing news and the death of her cat, Clive.

“The day after Clive died and I received some of the most horrific news I’ve ever received that next morning – sometimes there’s nothing for it but for your friend to show up as hard as possible and spend the evening making prank calls and mooning Harvey Nichols,” she wrote in the caption.

“Because sometimes when the bottom falls out of your world the only response after crying till you’re sick is your own bottom @nina_kate I’ll never forget you jumping into the fire with me x,” Beckinsale added.

Her unique approach to dealing with grief, formulated around humor and companionship, struck a chord with her followers. They praised her for her bravery in sharing such personal moments publicly and using humor as a coping mechanism.

One fan commented on her post, “Laughter is what she needed. Go on Kate.” Another added, “Love how you navigate through trauma with humor, no matter how ridiculous.”

Beckinsale has been very open about her hardships and personal losses over the past year, which also included the passing of her stepfather, Roy Battersby. Her openness and unique approach to handling grief is a reminder that everyone copes with loss in their own way.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kls

    July 9, 2024 at 10:43 am

    Crystal Clear doesn’t really want to know what you think. They keep rejecting my comments….

    There are many appropriate ways of handling grief. What this so-call “star” did was unacceptable. How did it make her feel better? Mystery to me.

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