Georgia confirms Biden win after manual recount


  • The manual ballot audit in Georgia showed that there was no massive election irregularity, confirmed Biden’s victory against President Trump.
  • Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger is to endorse the election results by Friday to Gov. Brian Kemp who’s final signature is required.
  • Trump consistently questioned the process via Twitter, calling it fake, and claiming the signature-matching procedure was a fraud.

Georgia has completed its statewide inspection of the tight presidential elections, authenticating the win of President-elect Joe Biden over the incumbent President Donald Trump, as stated in the Secretary of State’s office press release.

The audit results showed a total of 12,284 votes was the edge of Biden against Trump, which was slightly lower before the inspection.

Election experts and officials have frequently commented that there is no mass fraud or anomalies in the Nov.3 election.

Under state law,  Georgia is obliged to endorse the validity of its election results by Friday.

In a statement, Brad Raffensperger, Republican, and Georgia Secretary of State said the first statewide audit confirmed that the current paper ballot voting system was safe and secure, adding that accomplishing the vital task is because of the diligent work of local and county election officers.

No other region in the country had hit Trump because of the loss than in Georgia, a red state.

The outlying repulsion against Trump in the outskirts around Atlanta, coupled with the high number of Black voters, gave Biden an edge in the state, taking advantage of many years of concentrated Democratic action on voter registration.

Georgia communications director for the Biden campaign, Jaclyn Rothenberg, wrote in a statement later on Thursday that recount result only reiterated that Biden was Georgia voters’ choice as the next President.

The state is now the focus of U.S politics as the two Senate the second electoral round will decide which political party takes hold of the upper House.

Trump, meanwhile, has relentlessly tweeted against the voting system program used in the state, opposing the recount, calling it fake, and discrediting the signature-matching process.

During an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN’s “AC360” Thursday, Gabriel Sterling, Georgia’s implementation manager on the voting system, explained that every paper ballot matched what has displayed in the computer. He added that their audit proved there was no election anomaly in Georgia.

While there are instances of uncounted votes reaching 5,800 and around 1,400 of these are for Trump, state officials explained that these cases are only due to expected human error and does not suggest deceit or rigging of votes.

The executive director of nonprofit VotingWorks, election security provider, Ben Adida also echoed that the first Georgia-wide audit was a success. The organization helped the state in manual count and verification.

Raffensperger, as required by state law,  should certify the outcomes on Friday morning. Republican Gov. Brian Kemp will then have to sign the endorsement until Saturday at 5 p.m. E.T. to make the state’s 16 electors approved for Biden.

While Kemp has been fairly quiet while the audit was underway, he urged Raffensperger to be thorough and take note of all voting anomaly allegations that have been raised.

Source: CNN

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