Jan.6 committee subpoenas Kevin McCarthy, 4 other House Republicans [Video]


  • The select committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot subpoenaed House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy and four other lawmakers allied with former President Donald Trump.
  • The other legislators to be issued subpoenas are Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio, Andy Biggs of Arizona, Mo Brooks of Alabama and Pennsylvania’s Scott Perry.
  • McCarthy had previously refused the panel’s request for him to voluntarily cooperate with the investigation.

The Jan. 6 committee issued subpoenas to five top House Republicans, including Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

The House select committee, which is investigating the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection, subpoenaed the five Republican members of Congress on Thursday to get their testimony about events surrounding the Capitol attack and efforts to overturn the 2020 election results.

The other four GOP lawmakers subpoenaed include Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio, Andy Biggs of Arizona, Mo Brooks of Alabama, and Scott Perry of Pennsylvania. In recent months, all five had rejected the panel’s voluntary requests for cooperation.

“Before we hold our hearings next month, we wished to provide members the opportunity to discuss these matters with the committee voluntarily,” Committee Chair Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) said in a statement regarding the subpoenas.

“Regrettably, the individuals receiving subpoenas today have refused and we’re forced to take this step to help ensure the committee uncovers facts concerning January 6th. We urge our colleagues to comply with the law, do their patriotic duty, and cooperate with our investigation as hundreds of other witnesses have done,” Thompson wrote.

The committee chair released the letter to the media. Thompson said, in part, “The Select Committee has tremendous respect for the prerogatives of Congress and the privacy of its members. At the same time, we have a solemn responsibility to investigate fully the fact and circumstances of the violent attack on the United States Capitol and issues relating to the peaceful transfer of power.”

The subpoenas were issued after weeks of internal debate over whether to try to force Republicans to testify behind closed doors about their conversations with former President Donald Trump. They will be questioned about their involvement in the effort to overturn the election and contest the certification of the results.

The top House Republicans are unlikely to comply with the requests. Non-compliance could prompt a legal, and, at minimum, political, battle with McCarthy and the other lawmakers who are expected to be in the majority next year and in a position to seek retribution.

Source: Reuters

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10 thoughts on “Jan.6 committee subpoenas Kevin McCarthy, 4 other House Republicans [Video]

  1. I agree. Turn about is fair play. Instead of being whiny, complacent, and giving our rights away little by little, Republicans should have been doing to democrats what the dems have done to them for the last 40 years. But that’s what happens every single time they crossed the isle and COMPOMISED with these satanic, communist morons. Unforunatelym MOST Republicans (especially RINOs) never learn.

  2. How can they investigate an ‘insurrection’ when NONE of the people they are STILL holding in jail haven’t even been charged with it?


  4. I would like to know why Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and others aren’t being charged with insurrections. They have done the same thing that they are charging Donald Trump with. It is against the law to protest at a Supreme Judge’s Home.

  5. Jan 6 is a bunch of BS! To bad actual damage wasn’t done except scaring a bunch of corrupt idiot democrats who have in fact lied and stolen from the American people. They should be given something to be scared of! Guess we’ll never see them held accountable for destroying America and all the hurt they have caused we the people. Liberal demoshits are above the law.

    1. Those Democrats in Congress were not scared on Jan. 6th because they had the whole thing planned with the FBI and the Capitol police. The leftist scum with the full support of Nancy Pelosi, were devising a plan where by they could charge Trump with spearheading an insurrection, impeach him, and find him guilty which would have prevented him from ever running for elected office again. You can bet that Obama, Hillery Clinton and George Soros were also involved in the whole thing.

  6. Oll I wouldn’t, want to be in power in theU.S.A. today. God is watching, and he will Judge them one day. U reap what u sow.

  7. This is how they may possibly get to Trump. Trump had his chance to get to Hillary. DOJ could have investigated Hillary. Trump chose not to. Trump who sometimes isn’t too bright, felt Hillary suffered enough. I wonder how Trump feels about it now. This Russia and Trump was manufactured by Hillary and the Swamp. Now lets fast forward. The Jan 06th Kangaroo biased weaponized court, is going to use RINO McCarthy’s phone call against him. At that time both McCarthy and Beijing Mitch truly believe that Trump should resign, that Trump incited and instigated the fiasco at the Capitol. We will call it a fiasco not an insurrection, no one is charged with an insurrection. Both RINO’s McCarthy and Beijing Mitch put the blame squarely on Trump, for the Capitol Fiasco. In fact both these too stooges are working overtime to derail a 2nd attempt by Trump for the W/H. Meanwhile Trump claims to have made amends w/McCarty. Trump hasn’t learned yet to stop getting in bed with his enemies. McCarthy and Beijing Mitch talk out of both sides of their mouth. Lying corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe gets a free pass from DOJ for inciting and instigating the abortion mongers to protest at the homes of the Supreme Court Justices, The Jan 06th Kangaroo Court hasn’t realized even if they could prevent Trump from running, the liberal commie Democrats and Corrupt Quid Pro are still going down in 2022, and 2024.

  8. They SHOULD be investigating Piglosi! She set the whole thing up so she could impeach Trump! When that didn’t work, she set up this SHAM committee in order to bring down the Republicans and Trump! Make HER testify, as to WHY she didn’t have the national guard beef up capitol police, and WHY she didn’t have more police, and WHAT optics was she concerned about! That old bag is covering her own black arse!

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