North Korea’s new law authorizes pre-emptive nuclear strikes


  • North Korea has passed a new law authorizing the military to “automatically” use nuclear strikes to protect the country.
  • The law states that leader Kim Jong Un will have all the power in deciding such attacks.
  • The law outlines other ways that the nation may preemptively fire a nuclear weapon.

North Korea passed a law on Thursday authorizing its military to execute nuclear first strikes “automatically and immediately” to protect the country, according to state media, KCNA.

The “irreversible” new law gives absolute power to leader Kim Jong Un on all the decision-making concerning the use of nuclear weapons, the state outlet reported.

North Korea’s leadership reiterated that the “main mission” of its nuclear arsenal is to prevent a hostile attack. A nuclear strike would be used only as a last resort, the outlet added.

But the law has a list of situations in which the nation can legally fire a nuclear weapon.

According to KCNA, the law states that a nuclear weapon can be launched if the nation detects an impending “fatal military attack” against a North Korean strategic target, regardless if the initiating attack is not nuclear in nature.

Additionally, a nuclear weapon can also be used “automatically and immediately” by the military if the command system for the nation’s nuclear forces is “placed in danger.”

The law also states that a nuclear first strike may even be used in other scenarios, such as to gain the upper hand in a war.

In contrast, China adheres to a “no first-use” policy — meaning the country would consider a nuclear strike only if a similar attack was first made against it.

North Korea passed the new law after resuming the testing of long-range ballistic weapons in March after a five-year break, increasing tensions with its neighbors and the West. The North has missiles that have the capacity to reach the US east coast.

Earlier this month, South Korean president, Yoon Suk-yeol, had offered massive amounts of economic aid, including food, health care, agriculture, and infrastructure to the Horth, if it would work toward denuclearization.

North Korea rejected the offer with Kim Yo Jong, the sister of Kim Jong Un, saying the plan is “foolish” and “absurd.”

“No one barters its destiny for corn cake,” she wrote.

Source: Insider

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10 thoughts on “North Korea’s new law authorizes pre-emptive nuclear strikes

  1. As the U.S. is now a third world country, promoting lawless policies that create chaos for traditional values and its citizenry, it’s nice to see a country like North Korea instill some absolute values and policies that will eventually render the U.S. a totally unlivable nation.

    1. With the kind of citizens it has, the USA will fall to any attacker, maybe even a bad pack of girl scouts.

  2. With a loose canon like Kim Jong Un giving himself the power to act FIRST without being attached, he, his sister and his whole Country must be put under immediate deep penetrating surveillance from the United States, taking a page from his book. United States MUST act FIRST in protecting themselves from the unstable family that now rules in North Korea. If he even looks like he may strike, we must not wait to retaliate. We must attack Poste Haste and let the chips land where they might. Never in our history was a threat of this enormity been put to the world from such a delusional egotistical maniac. This is not a time for diplomacy. This is a time to act within seconds of even feeling that he may attach. If we don’t take the steps necessary to employ this tactic, we need a new and different Government to lead us.

    Allan Weiss

  3. Fat Boy may want to consult with China about that new law. If the moron attacks the US half of China may go up with him.

  4. What is wrong with our government? After a warning statement like that, we should wake up and fast. With lunatics like that walking around, we could be in deep trouble until our congress and great president moves to get information from whomever is writing his notes. By the time they move, half of America could be dead. The damage and fallout from nuclear bombing would ruin the atmosphere and do I reprehensible damage.
    We need a president that’s wide awake and not afraid to move rapidly. This wouldn’t have happened if we had someone leading that didn’t kill our countries reputation. There is no respect from any country because of our so called leader. Wake up America before it’s too late. Weve been warned. Open your eyes, do something NOW.

  5. “No one barters its destiny for corn cake,” Right…especially if her and her little piggy bro aren’t the ones having to EAT the corn cake.

  6. Just another reason that we need President Trump,first I doubt that this Ukraine thing would have happened,Afganistan would have been done much different,wun un dun of north korea would have a different agenda and we would probably be a prosperous country again if Trump was still President.One thing that I can thank obama for is that he showed me a very out of touch regime,and it continues today.I went from an independent to a right wing voter.

  7. Our US Military has the means to knock down North Korea’s missiles before they can reach sub-orbit. The shortest distance to the United States is through a polar sub-orbit. A knockdown would cause the missile to crash on either China or Russia. If the missile warhead is triggered for an airburst without safety measures to prevent it, they would not like that.

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