Republican Indiana Rep. Hollingsworth chooses economy over coronavirus spread


  • Congressman Trey Hollingsworth from the 9th district of Indiana is highly in favor of reopening the economy so people can work again.
  • America’s top infectious diseases expert, Dr Anthony Fauci,  have continuously cautioned the Trump administration that prematurely lifting the restrictions could lead to the second wave of coronavirus.
  • Fauci noted that without a robust testing procedure yet in place, opening the economy again is not advisable.

A lawmaker from Indiana on Wednesday said he prefer opening the economy again to avoid the second wave of COVID-19 related deaths.

Indiana Congressman, Trey Hollingsworth, R-Rep, said during an interview with Indianapolis radio station WIBC-FM, that choosing the economy is like picking a lesser evil amidst the coronavirus crisis, adding that this direction is most likely the one they will going to take.

The policymaker’s choice to call for easying the quarantine measures in most part of the nation also mirrors that of President Donald Trump’s wish to reopen that economy so people can go back to work.

However, many health experts, including Trump’s coronavirus task force headliner, Dr Anthony Fauci, have earlier been consistent on his stand that ceasing stay-at-home measures earlier could result in another wave of coronavirus pandemic.

On Tuesday, Dr Fauci recommended that withdrawing the restrictions now can lead to new infections since the country still lacks a reliable testing and tracing system. He is worried that coronavirus would quickly spread and authorities will find it more difficult to contain it.

Meanwhile, Hollingsworth’s was not the first time by a politician remarked the same sentiment. Last month, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick proposed that senior citizens of the U.S should be keen on risking their lives over the virus to keep the economy rolling.

On March 23, Patrick said on an interview with Fox News, that no one had asked the American seniors if they are willing to waive their survival for the next generation, noting if that’s what it will take, he is ready to do it.

Hollingsworth said the following day, Tuesday, that he is going to choose to live a good life over a life that is just longer.

The congressman further noted that as leaders, they should always choose what is best to all the Americans, and at this point, getting people back to their businesses or work is essential.

Hollingsworth reasoned that the inevitable economic effects are too critical to still go on with stay-at-home measures as a way to curb the spread of coronavirus.

He further added that when the American government always chooses American lives over losing the way of life in every situation.

Meanwhile, Democrats lambasted Patrick for his comment, and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo even responded by saying that his mother is not replaceable.

Source: AOL

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