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Banana Boat sunscreen recalled after detection of cancer-causing chemicals




  • Banana Boat has issued a voluntary recall of three batches of spray sunscreen.
  • An internal review detected trace levels of benzene on samples of Banana Boat Hair & Scalp Sunscreen Spray SPF 30.
  • Benzene is a manufacturing chemical known to increase cancer risk, including leukemia and other blood disorders.

The maker of Banana Boat sunscreen is recalling a scalp spray because it contains trace amounts of benzene, a chemical which can cause cancer with repeated exposure.

Edgewell Personal Care Co. announced the voluntary recall Friday. It said benzene was detected in internal reviews of Banana Boat Hair and Scalp Spray SPF 30.

Three batches of the spray are included in the recall, with lot codes 20016AF, 20084BF and 21139AF. Edgewell said no other batches of this spray, and no other Banana Boat products, are included in the recall.

Edgewell didn’t say how many cans it is recalling. The Associated Press left a message with the company seeking comment.

Shelton, Connecticut-based Edgewell said it hasn’t received any reports of adverse events related to the recall. The company has directed retailers to remove the spray from their shelves. It’s also offering to reimburse customers who have already bought the product.

The recall comes a little over a year after Johnson & Johnson recalled five sunscreens because they were found to contain benzene. That recall included Aveeno and Neutrogena products in aerosol cans.

Source: Insider

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. 2004done

    August 11, 2022 at 7:29 am

    It isn’t as easy as it looks protecting people from the ‘the hole in the ozone layer” now that carbon-based Climate Warming Global Change has ALL the headlines.

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