Biden administration places $3.2 billion order for updated Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines


  • The federal government signed a $3.2 billion deal with Pfizer and BioNTech for 105 million doses of their updated COVID-19 vaccine.
  • The administration is pushing a new vaccination campaign this fall in a bid to abate a renewed COVID-19 surge.
  • The updated vaccine was designed to target the omicron variant, aiming for improved protection.  

The Biden administration said Wednesday that it is paying $3.2 billion for 105 million doses of an updated Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for a fall campaign, pending Food and Drug Administration’s authorization on the new formula.  

The move is a major step in the government’s efforts to move forward with a new vaccination push this fall, in anticipation to a renewed COVID-19 surge when the weather turns colder in most parts of the U. S.

The updated vaccine is expected to target the omicron variant, with the goal of providing improved protection.  

Deliveries of new doses are expected to start “as soon as late summer 2022 and continue into the fourth quarter of this year,” Pfizer said in a press release.  

The money being used for the orders came from other areas of the administration’s COVID-19 response following Congress’ non-approval on the administration’s request for new funds.  

According to the administration, it has had to cut money from key areas like maintaining testing capacity and further research on improved vaccines, such as “pan-coronavirus” shots that can protect from multiple variants.  

The White House is still asking for additional funds from Congress, but prospects on Capitol Hill are not looking particularly hopeful amid a continued stalemate. GOP lawmakers are not keen on the urgency for the funds.  

White House COVID-19 response coordinator Ashish Jha said that “despite months of warnings from the Administration on the consequences of a lack of funding,” due to lack of support from Congress, Wednesday’s order “will not purchase enough vaccines to offer one of these new booster shots to every adult and unfortunately, comes at the expense of continued funding for other critical pandemic response needs like testing manufacturing and domestic vaccine manufacturing.”

The order placed on Wednesday, though, will ensure some Americans can still get updated vaccines for the fall.  

“We look forward to taking delivery of these new variant-specific vaccines and working with state and local health departments, pharmacies, health care providers, federally qualified health centers, and other partners to make them available in communities around the country this fall,” said Dawn O’Connell, an assistant secretary at the Department of Health and Human Services.  

On Thursday, the Food and Drug Administration advisory committee gave a nod to updating vaccines for omicron, though a lot of steps are still needed for the approval process.

The rollout of the authorized first booster dose recommended for aged 5 and older, has been lagging. This means not everyone will get an updated booster this fall.  

An estimate of 105 million people have received their first booster dose, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  

Source: The Hill

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11 thoughts on “Biden administration places $3.2 billion order for updated Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines

  1. One billion is one thousand million! Biden is giving these pharmaceutical companies three thousand dollars apiece for these vaccine doses. That money he’s giving away is hard earned tax dollars that comes from democrats overtaxing the working people of America. Covid 19 and all its variants are deadly to an extremely small percentage of people, but we’re all paying for it. Insurance companies should be paying for these vaccines, or the people who feel they’re vulnerable to the virus should be paying for their own paranoia that has been instilled in their minds by the Biden Administration. The fact remains that these vaccines do not prevent people from getting the virus.
    The fact remains that people who get vaccines can still spread the virus. The fact remains that if Biden continues this rampage of wasting Americans money, this county is doomed. These pharmaceutical companies have given members of the Biden Administration hundreds of millions to push this vaccine agenda on the American people. That alone is bribery! Then, if 3 billion dollars only buys 1 million doses and theres more than three hundred and fifty million people to vaccinate, that would cost more than another trillion dollars of hard-working peoples money just for the vaccine. That doesn’t count the three hundred and fifty billion that Biden will also give the hospitals and doctors to administer this scandal. It’s no wonder hospital administrations, and so many doctors are liberal democrats. All you people who have been brainwashed by the Biden Administration’s and Big Pharma’s vaccine scandal are like a mindless heard of sheep.

      1. Mark, thank you for bringing that to my attention; you are correct! I’m pretty certain the original article said there were 1.5 million doses for 3.2 billion dollars, but it’s very possible I didn’t read it right! However, 105 million doses will only vaccinate less than one-third of this country’s citizens one time. So it’s 10 billion to put one dose in this country’s arm. Once that dose goes in, Fauci will claim everyone needs another booster, and after that, another booster. That’s 30 billion. Plus another 40 billion at 40 dollars a dose to administer those 1,000 million doses in 335 million people. . 70 billion for an updated vaccine that doesn’t stop people from getting sick or from spreading the virus. My next major argument is the flu used to kill hundreds of thousands of people in the US every year, and I’m quite certain that hasn’t changed, but yet people dying now, all die from covid. Do you know why every admitted patient into the hospital that dies from being sick dies from covid? It’s because the government pays hospitals 13,000 dollars for every covid patient and three times that (39,000) for every patient the hospitals put on a ventilator. That’s why nobody gets the flu anymore. Peoples insurance should have to pay this crap. If insurance was still paying for people that actually just have the flu, there would be a hell of a lot fewer people dying of Covid. How’s that slime bag swindling Fauci doing anyway? He was fully vaccinated for covid before he got sick, and now he’s been boosted twice plus some other bs. My next argument is that Obama care pays for millions of freeloading citizens’ health insurance, and then the government still pays for these people to get vaccinated and still pays for these people to be hospitalized. The government pays double for every Obama care person . Peoples insurance should be paying for all of this bull shit.
        My next argument is Florida had no more problems with covid, and probably fewer problems than most states, and there are by far fewer people in Florida that got the vaccine than any other state, and hardly anybody in Florida ever wore a mask. This whole Fauci show is a scam that needs to cease. Anyway, thanks again, Mark, for correcting my math.

    1. Ware are you getting you “facts” from? The FDA has already told us that we need something to give us protection from the latest variants, or there will be a resurgence that could put us in pandemic again. Source: Crystal Clear, Fauci statement previous article.

      1. The FDA has also approved ingredients used in heartburn medications like Ranitidine that was used in several generic drugs but also the main and original popular medication called Zantac. Zantac was quietly taken of the market about four years ago because it caused an assortment of different cancers in patients who used the over-the-counter variety and prescription strengths of the drug. I personally used Zantac prescribed by several different doctors over a period of ten years and was constantly concerned about problems I was having, but every time of approximately 25 times, over a ten year period that I went to different Doctors about my problems, the doctors assured me that my problems were not caused by the medications I was prescribed. Finally, I was getting extremely ill on occasion and wound up in the emergency room. After about 30 thousand dollars worth of tests, which some of I really thought were entirely unnecessary, but I did what they wanted, and it was determined that I was riddled with cancer , bladder, prostate, and pollups on colon and intestines that were tested determined I was in serious
        trouble if I didn’t get it all removed. A long story short left me without a lot of plumbing and problems that aren’t ever going away. A couple of years later, Zantac was quietly removed from all the shelves in stores but was very soon after restocked with a different main ingredient which it still presently has. Searching the internet, I found that the FDA had declared Ranitidine unsafe to use. More searches revealed lawsuits claiming Ranitidine causes numerous cancers, and more searches revealed that people who were involved producing Zantac probably knew or at least should have known, that Ranitidine was used in cancer research to cause and promote cancer in laboratory rats so laboratories had a steady supply of cancer patients to experiment with. Great, misled overpaid doctors coached by pharmaceutical companies to prescribe their medications that were fully approved by the FDA have ruined my life, and who knows how many others. Though it took a lot of explaining, my point is, the FDA does not fully test drugs or substances it approves for human consumption and, in the case of the carona virus vaccine, has approved these vaccines that still causes side effect problems in some people and as far as I’m concerned, a vaccine is not a vaccine unless it stops it’s intended illness from ever taking effect. I got covid long before any vaccine was ever introduced, and it gave me a slight fever and a headache and aching body, but it never got bad enough that it was stopping me from doing anything. I know an awful lot of people, many of whom got covid prior to ever getting vaccinated, and most of them just lost their taste and smell for a week. The virus killed four of them that had other severe problems like obesity, lung issues, and heart issues, along with being old. I also know many many people who suffered a variety of severness from getting covid after being fully vaccinated, but none of those people had other severe problems. The people I know that got the virus before the vaccine was introduced have a natural immunity that sure seems to be much stronger than people that have taken the vaccine and still became sick, some even twice. So if you think you’re vulnerable to extreme symptoms from the virus, you probably should take the new revised vaccine but I really don’t feel that over 90 percent of the public that isn’t vulnerable to severe symptoms should have to pay for your problem. Like I said before, your insurance should pay for your illness, and Obama care insurance should pay for Obama care patients, especially when it may just be the flu that seems to have vanished from the planet. Bullshit!

  2. Totally agree with Mike! O Biden is in Big Pharma pockets, and this administration’s stock portfolio’s just made a lot more money for these thieves!

  3. It is my assumption and I usually am correct, that the illegals are here to replace guess who.? I would say the ones taking the vaccine as in us. Those that want to take it, we cannot stop but leave the rest of us that do not alone. \what happened to we should have rights over our bodies as in abortion ,women. In some cases it if behooves them yes, if not then the answer to that one is NO> Years ago I told my sister and a supposedly Christian friend about the book of prophesy. Last book in the Bible. I told them the whole story, They both looked at each other like I was telling them a sci fi story and shook their heads like NO. Well recently when my sister heard bidens liberal World order. Actually the word liberal is incorrect. liberals believe in freedoms and rights this agenda does not. It is Radical PRogressive socialism as in Russia Sov. Socialist Russia with a U in front probably for United. Anyway that tale I told her about the One world order and one world government slapped her in the face when she heard biden say that. She is now realizing what I told her was true and it does work out very well.

  4. Biden just said the other day that we would have another pandemic in the near future , I wonder if he plans on starting it in October a month before midterms. and I agree Biden is in Big Pharmas pocket and I agree he can shove his needles up his own A&&

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