COVID-19 Delta Variant Ravaging India Is Now in the U.S.


  • The COVID-19 Delta variant that ravaged India is now detected in the United States.
  • Dr. Anthony Fauci warned that the highly contagious variant can be a threat with a large percentage of the country still not vaccinated.
  • President Joe Biden aims to get 70% of Americans vaccinated by July 4, but inoculations slump to a four-month low.

The COVID-19 Delta variant that devastated India is now in the United States, alarming medical experts with a large percentage of the country still not vaccinated.

The India variant, formerly known as B.1.617.2, has been detected in more than 6% of cases in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control.

The Delta variant has gained control in the U.K., representing 60% of the nation’s cases. COVID-19 restrictions in the UK, which are supposed to ease on June 21, are being reevaluated due to the rise in cases.

“We cannot let that happen in the United States,” top US infectious diseases expert Dr. Anthony Fauci said Tuesday during a White House COVID-19 briefing.

According to Fauci, the Delta variant may be “associated with increased disease severity” and a higher risk of hospitalization from COVID-19. He also noted that the vaccines have been effective against the strain.

A Public Health England study revealed that people who were fully vaccinated with Pfizer’s vaccine are protected by 88% against the Delta strain, NPR reported. A single dose merely offers 33% protection.

The vaccination rate in the U.K. slows down and inoculation to people in their twenties is just beginning to expand. Fauci called the situation a “powerful argument” for vaccination. He highlighted the importance for people to get both doses of Pfizer or Moderna’s vaccines, “and for those who have still not been vaccinated yet, please get vaccinated.”

President Joe Biden has aimed to get 70% of Americans vaccinated by July 4, however, inoculations have slumped in recent weeks.

The CDC reported that as of June 9, 51.8% of all Americans have been given at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and only 42.5% are fully vaccinated. 61.3% of vaccine-eligible Americans aged 12 and up have received at least one dose and 50.3% are fully vaccinated.   

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3 thoughts on “COVID-19 Delta Variant Ravaging India Is Now in the U.S.

  1. Let us be very clear about this folks and folkesses:-
    There IS NO “Indian variant”! Just as there is no virus (never been found!) there can be no mutation – a virus that does NOT exist cannot mutate!
    In the same vein, there is no “pandemic” – all that they’ve done is to rename the ‘flu “Covid-19” and fiddle the health and death statistics. Diligent observers will, however, have long noticed that there has been no significant rise either in the numbers sick or deaths until they started injecting people with their pseudo-“vaccine”. The death toll from this is already approaching 100,000 and is climing hourly.

    Sars-Cov-2 is not a virus but a tiny protein fragment, one thousand times smaller and simpler than a “virus” used by many, many creatures to form part of their genome. This includes 100 types of bacteria, mink, goats, sheep, lions, papaya and others. It is also to be found SEVENTY FOUR times in the human genome. It is, of course, as a normal part of your body, completely harmless.
    All cells are constantly modifying proteins to better cope with environmental changes. The so-called “Sars-Cov-2” micro-protein is no exception to this. These are your pseudo-variants!

    The whole thing is one big con.

    Blessed be
    Karma Singh

  2. here “we” go again…More “bull dung” from the demo/commie party and their lap dogs (media and govt. “scientists”).. To pay any heed to ANYTHING that fraud fauci and/or the government EVER says about ANYTHING is to place yourself in the same class as fools and idiots !

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