Fauci agrees earlier implementation of social distancing measures could’ve saved more Americans [Video]


  • Top infectious diseases expert said results would have been different should social distancing was implemented earlier in the U.S.
  • White House spokesman noted measures to combat the spread of coronavirus had started early this year.
  • As of Saturday, the U.S has topped Italy with the number of coronavirus-related deaths with more than 20,000.

On Sunday, Trump administration coronavirus task force member, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said that earlier initiatives to curb the spread of coronavirus in the U.S. would have saved many people’s lives.

However,  the health department encountered many challenges, then when stricter measures are being proposed.

Fauci, the country’s well known infectious diseases expert, made the statement as a response to CNN’s “State of the Union” remark on a report published in the New York Times that health officials of the White House came to a census around the third week of February about proposing with president Trump measures to address COVID-19, including social distancing.

According to The Times, though, the Trump administration took some weeks, and it was when there’s a surge of coronavirus cases when president Trump considered their proposal.

Dr. Fauci told CNN that their recommendations were from a medical point of view, and these proposals were frequently considered,  but sometimes are not taken as well.

While Fauci stressed that what could have been than is an earlier implementation of social distancing measures would have saved many lives, coming up with the decisions is often more complicated than it was perceived.

Fauci also said that results would have been somewhat not the same, noting that there are a lot of things to consider before deciding to shut down anything.

On Sunday, spokesperson for White House Judd Deere reacted to the outlet’s report by noting that as early as January and February, Trump already took a significant measure to protect the nation. Deere noted that president Trump then utilized concerned agencies to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Deere added the Trump administration then, despite not yet having a full picture of how severe the impending health crisis will be,   started to increase testing capacities, and began development of a possible vaccine to fight coronavirus.

The spokesman continued by saying that all the American’s safety and health remained the main focus of the president.

According to the data gathered by NBC News by Saturday, the U.S. has topped Italy with the most number of people who died because of coronavirus with no less than 20,000 casualties.

Death toll worldwide, on the other hand,  has exceeded 107,000, with 1.7 million or more confirmed infections, as per Johns Hopkins University statistics.

Meanwhile, Fauci said the easying down of restrictions would largely depend on a state’s capability to have an effective contract tracking, identification, and isolation system, noting that re-opening portions of the country, will not happen all at once.

Fauci further said that the process might begin as early as the following month, and while he hopes elections will still happen by November, he cannot yet guarantee it as of this time. 

Source: AOL

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