John Kerry says Trump ruined US credibility in addressing climate change


  • US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry said that former President Donald Trump devastated the US’ reputation on addressing climate change.
  • President Joe Biden is rallying to prevent the global average temperatures from going over the 1.5 degrees Celsius threshold.
  • During his administration, Trump dismissed the climate change crisis.

US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate and former secretary of state John Kerry said that former President Donald Trump had destroyed the country’s credibility on the issue of climate change.

During an exclusive interview with the New Yorker magazine, Kerry was asked about the impact of Trump’s administration on addressing greenhouse gas emissions on the global stage.

“The damage that President Trump wreaked worldwide is not limited to climate. But on climate he did a whopper of a job of putting America’s credibility in a terrible place, destroying it fundamentally,” Kerry replied. 

“I hear from country after country: How do we know we can count on America? How do we know that another president is not going to come along, someone like Trump, who does the same thing again?”

President Joe Biden is pushing other global leaders to keep the global average temperatures from reaching over 1.5 degrees Celsius, as climate experts warned that disastrous events would come if the temperatures soar beyond that threshold.

Government representatives across the globe are set to join the United Nations Climate Change Conference known as COP26 which will be held in Glasgow, Scotland in November. Kerry said that the conference would be the “last, best hope” to maintain the temperatures below the 1.5°C threshold.

“Well, they are apocalyptic. It’s more serious than it’s ever been, at a time that it seems as if some key nations are just unwilling to do their part, to bite the bullet and step up,” Kerry told the New Yorker as he talked about the extreme weather incidents that already happened this summer. 

“I view this [the conference] as the last, best hope for the world to get serious and make the decisions necessary to be able to try to reduce and hold the 1.5 [increase], and even 1.5, imagine what happens at 1.5 if you already see what happens at 1.2.”

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is expected to issue its report that would lay down “the latest assessment of scientific knowledge about the warming of the planet and projections for future warming, and assess its impacts on the climate system.”

A specific draft from the report that was leaked in June noted that humans could have already missed out on preventing the global temperatures to soar beyond the 1.5°C threshold, suggesting that the world will live with the consequences.

During his tenure, Trump declined to tackle the climate change crisis. He repeatedly attributed the issue as Chinese propaganda aimed at hurting America’s economy. He also withdrew from the Paris climate accord and revoked several regulations on greenhouse gas.


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25 thoughts on “John Kerry says Trump ruined US credibility in addressing climate change

  1. John Kerry has been a failure at just about every post Senate position he has been appointed to. The international community think of him as part hypocrite, part joke. His cult like positions on climate change fail to address the primary culprit, i.e. China, followed by India. The reduction of CO2 will be led by the USA, as all other technical advancements for the last century. Trying to involve the Bureaucratic approach will result in a mediocre result at a ridiculous cost. Incentivize the private sector, and the problem will be solved over time.
    Kerry is a product of the the Beltway, where problems are discussed, and solutions seldom surface. Send him to Nantucket, and ignore any output from his mediocre intellect.

    1. I have never been impressed with John Kerry. As a senator his record was lackluster. He is indeed a product of the beltway.

  2. John Kerry has been, as the first commenter said, a miserable failure at pretty much everything he’s tried except for marrying Theresa Hines (you know the Ketchup family). He used to lick his finger, hold it up in the to see which way the wind is blowing, and then cast his vote!! I’m not sure He’s done anything honorable in his entire life. Along with our fraud president, Biden and Kerry are useless human beings!!

  3. KERRY the kiss ASS Opportunist. Vietnam hah.married a ketchup HEIRESS. now special envoy for the climate. another BULLSHIT shoveling Democrat WEASEL (my apologies to weasels ).

  4. Kerry has been disgraced since Viet Nam, a spoiled senate record as of late & a defiled record of NIL contributions for over 50 yrs; stealing from America..(relavence to ketchup, he’s STAINED his own career red w/ death)…

  5. Kerry is a low life
    POS. Should have gone to prison for talking
    to Iran as a private citizen.
    A crook just like
    the Biden’s.
    The ONLY person
    who will change
    climate is God.
    The rest want to
    scam the world
    for $$$$$$$$.

  6. Kerry a military traitor, still flying around in his private plane we pay for and complains about Trump. While his buddy China Joe can’t pour piss from a boot with the instructions on the heel. I would suggest getting a chimp to replace him, but she is busy pretending to be vice president. America we are screwed if we don’t get rid of these slime balls now.

  7. John Kerry has been proven to be a traitor on several occasions. He should be tried and serve an appropriate sentence, if found guilty,.

  8. Is Kerry serious. I know people who have relatives in foriegn countries & the feedback I hear from them is that they’re all laughing at the U.S. Not because of Trump, but the sham government that is currently in place. Totally inept & nobody takes them seriously.
    They can’t believe the American people put up with the Covid Joe Circus.

  9. John Carrie is a loser. The only reason he is in the face of the people, is because his family that he married into ,is rich John Carrie has been fed by mamas baby food his whole life.

  10. Kerry –
    You Sack of Garbage…
    Both YOU and RINO Mitt the Shits need to SHUT THE HELL UP
    You Both are Verified TRAITORS, so don’t be TOO surprised if you’re next in line to be captured by Navy SEALS and extradited to GITMO to await YOUR Military Tribunal….
    Please don’t forget to give the finger to Bill Gates for All Americans when you arrive –

  11. I’m always surprised at how misinformed you people are. I do have family in Europe (native Germans) and have traveled the world all my life. We are all interconnected, so yes every nation needs to be on board for climate policies that will save the earth. Trump, through his bullshit denial of plain truths (and the all time winner of the corruption award and liars award – both in one term, was despised everywhere around the world including 75% of Americans. Anyone I ever spoke to overseas laughed at him and that has been embarrassing for me as an American. It is only through your right wing propaganda outlets that you get brainwashed into believing your false idols. Too bad you people are so very gullible and mislead so continue to commiserate with each other while the earth burns, floods ravash communities and wildlife dies or becomes extinct. This is happening before your eyes, so open them up to understand concepts greater than the morons on Fox or OAN .

  12. Kerry have you ever done something you are proud of? How about if you was appointed to a office by Biden you don’t have any creditability of mine and have you ever thought about taking up citizenship in China or Russia they always need a kiss ass just like Biden he has no abilitry to stand up for anything not against Russia or China ? Just like a baby robin chup and shit that is all they know? The next time you disagree with Biden disagree and kiss your ass good bye and you can’t think for your self at all?

  13. No John you are the failure, you did nothing for Massachusetts, nothing but corrupt things as Secretary of State & now as Climate Change Czar! You are just like the rest of the Dems. only care about money & power just look at the crock of crap you are trying to sell us on climate change you fool!!

  14. Climate will not change until someone reigns in China and there 1000+ coal fire electric plants with more under production! As for Kerry, he is as big a joke to me at Trump!

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