Surgeon General warns this coming week is ‘another 9/11 moment’ with coronavirus crisis [Video]


  • Surgeon General Jerome Adams called on all governors across the US to implement stay-at-home measures as the country is facing a critical week.
  • Despite national calls in curbing the spread of coronavirus, thousands of employees at Arkansas still report to work.
  • Arkansas governor explains that social distancing and strict measures are in effect in his state.

On Sunday, U.S Surgeon General Jerome Adams reminded all governors who have not yet implemented stay-at-home measures on their states to help curb the spread of coronavirus.

Adams also noted they requested all state governors to give the national government at least another week for restrictions, as health officials anticipate the upsurge of coronavirus cases and casualties. He made such a request so that healthcare facilities won’t be overwhelmed during this critical week.

The Surgeon General also urged governors to follow the White House’s guidelines amidst the outbreak, such as social distancing and restricted travel measures.

During an interview with “Meet the Press,” Adams compared the forthcoming situation to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor because Americans are facing another difficult moment, emphasizing that all citizens should do their part in flattening the curve.

“The next week is going to be our Pearl Harbor moment, it’s going to be our 9/11 moment, it’s going to be the hardest moment for many Americans in their entire lives,” Adams warned.

While Adams seemed to suggest a nationwide lockdown, he stressed that governors have the capacity to determine what is best for their constituents, and he leaves it up to the experts to make the recommendations to the states.

He further said that the best way to combat further infection of COVID-19 is to be vigilant, noting that they always remind people that disease prevention is preferred over treatment. There’s also no shortcut in addressing the coronavirus crisis but the conventional public health awareness method of deterrence. 

Despite no less than 330,000 coronavirus cases and nearly 10,000 deaths in the US, as of this writing, some states are not observing strict caution.

Right after Adams’ interview, Gov. Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas, explained with “Meet the Press” that his state has followed the points discussed by the Surgeon General, and even went stricter than usual.

Hutchinson also said that employees in Arkansas should continue working but should also adhere to social distancing and use face protection when outside.

Meanwhile, Gov. Jay Inslee, D-Washington, stay-at-home measures are crucial in minimizing the spread of coronavirus, noting that early interference is one of the keys to success.

Inslee believes that the order should be implemented nationwide because even if one state overcomes the crisis, infection from other places is highly probable.

Source: Yahoo News

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