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All DC-Bound Flyers Land on Terrorist Watchlist



Clear Facts

  • Every person who flew into the Washington, DC region on January 6th is on a special terrorist watch list.
  • Air Marshals are surveilling these individuals under a program called “Quiet Skies.”
  • This includes people who did not attend the Trump rally or go to the Capitol on January 6th.

Since January of 2021, the Biden administration has had the US Air Marshals following thousands of innocent Americans around. Every single person who flew into the Washington, DC region on January 6th for any reason is now on a special terrorist watch list and has federal agents stalking them. This includes thousands of people who did not attend the Trump rally and who never went to the Capitol on January 6th.

This story broke on Fox News last week when Sonya Labosco, the head of the Air Marshals National Council, was invited to talk about airline safety over the holiday weekend. Labosco revealed that one program Air Marshals are putting a lot of time into is something called “Quiet Skies.”

Every single person who flew into the DC region in January of 2021 is being surveilled by the Air Marshals. They’re on a secret terrorist watchlist. Anytime those people try to fly these days, they get pulled aside for an enhanced security check.

Labosco says the Air Marshals are now surveilling people who flew to Washington, DC on January 6th for things like a job interview or to visit family. One guy who is being stalked and tailed by the Marshals went to DC for a funeral that day. That’s what the Air Marshals are doing instead of protecting American flights.

This police state garbage that happens whenever a neocon like George W. Bush, Barack Obama, or Joe Biden is in the White House is getting scarier by the day. Just this week, Sen. Ron Wyden (R-OR) blew the whistle on a federal database called “Hemisphere.”

The database contains the complete phone records of every American dating back to 1987, which the Biden regime allows law enforcement agencies to search through without warrants.

Every single American should be furious about things like this. Furious and paranoid. If they’re setting up all these ways to surveil and spy on us every waking hour of the day, what’s their ultimate plan look like?

Clear Thoughts

The Biden administration’s overreach in surveilling innocent Americans is an alarming example of our diminishing freedoms. Placing every individual who flew into DC on January 6th on a terrorist watchlist, regardless of their intentions, is an egregious violation of civil liberties.

This “Quiet Skies” program is a chilling reminder of the Orwellian police state tactics employed by neocons like Bush, Obama, and now Biden.


With the recent exposure of the “Hemisphere” database, containing decades of phone records, it’s time for Americans to demand answers and push back against this intrusive surveillance. Our freedom is at stake.

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  1. mountainman

    December 3, 2023 at 7:38 am

    I’ll just stay on my mountain top and post my property. Then if I don’t know you don’t try to com up as I will defend my domain.

  2. John

    December 3, 2023 at 9:35 am

    Not surprising the chicom jotato bribum sock puppet Make america great again is opening stated on camera that MAGA are domestic terrorists. And need to be taken out. Make America Great again is a statement. But has been labeled as a group by the D.C. cabal gestapo. This is now a police state. And they don’t even try to hide it.

  3. Berrylady

    December 3, 2023 at 9:46 am

    Lord I implore you to put TRUMP officially back as our POTUS-he is but not openly stated. Trump is the Commander in Chief and the military takes its orders from him.

  4. Bobby

    December 3, 2023 at 9:50 am

    Lord, I just hope the country can make it another year till this Demon-crat gets voted out of office.

  5. radioperson

    December 3, 2023 at 10:01 am

    How bad does it have to get before “we the people” say enough is enough?

  6. radioperson

    December 3, 2023 at 10:11 am

    Answer for BOBBY: Why do you think how the voting goes next year will make any difference? The democrats know how to steal elections and get away with it.

  7. Colleen

    December 3, 2023 at 11:39 am

    Way to go Mountain Man, got any spare room. It’s funny I said the exact same words to one of my “progressive” neighbors and she doesn’t speak to me now. You want to be left alone voice your opinion and the brainwashed idiots leave you alone. Of course, I’m probably on some hot list, but who cares.

  8. Gerald Scott Ladd

    December 3, 2023 at 11:59 am

    This asshole, and his VP should be impeached now,whil we still have a country left

  9. 1PatriotForever

    December 3, 2023 at 5:25 pm

    So does that mean ALL POLITICIANS?
    This is an Obama terd

  10. Joe Partch

    December 4, 2023 at 12:36 pm

    Just like the Dems to check Americans instead of the Millions coming across the Border.

  11. Terry

    December 4, 2023 at 3:35 pm

    This is why I told my wife I wouldn’t be with in a thousand miles of DC when this happened. I didn’t know what would happen but I was afraid something unpleasant would be engineered by the demoncrats. And it was. And the witch hunt continues.

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