Capitol Police bracing for ‘Justice for J6’ rally on Sept. 18 [Video]


  • US Capitol Police will erect fencing around the Capitol building ahead of a rally called “Justice for J6.”
  • The far-right rally is scheduled for September 18.
  • Organizers said the event is being held to support Capitol rioters who were arrested in connection with the January 6 riot.

The U.S. Capitol Police are preparing ahead of a rally set to be held Saturday by Trump supporters in support of those arrested in connection with the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol.

Look Ahead America led by Matt Braynard, a former campaign employee for former President Donald Trump, is organizing the rally dubbed “Justice for J6.” The event will be held at the Union Square plaza on the west lawn of the Capitol.

On Monday, Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger said fencing will be erected around the Capitol ahead of the rally. Security fencing was also placed days after the violent Capitol breach.

“We are here to protect everyone’s First Amendment right to peacefully protest,” Manger said in a statement. “I urge anyone who is thinking about causing trouble to stay home. We will enforce the law and not tolerate violence.”

Saturday’s rally is intended to support those arrested in the wake of the Capitol breach and to demand justice for Ashli Babbitt who was fatally shot by a Capitol Police officer. The USCP officer who shot the California woman will not face disciplinary action. 

Since Jan. 6, at least five police officers who responded to the riot have commited suicide. The USCP said over the weekend it has recommended disciplinary action in six cases after an internal review of officer behavior on Jan. 6. 

According to the Department of Justice, more than 700 people have since been arrested in the wake of the attack. The riot occurred as lawmakers were certifying President Biden’s election victory, thereby interrupting a peaceful transfer of power. The violent mob stormed the building, prompting lawmakers and staffers to flee. The mob engaged in violent confrontations with law enforcement officers. 

On Monday, the USCP said it has issued an emergency declaration that will go into effect at the start of the rally. The declaration will allow Capitol Police leaders to deputize outside law enforcement officers. In addition, the USCP has obtained additional equipment and created an incident response plan.

The Hill reported that Manger, along with the sergeants-at-arms in both chambers of Congress, briefed lawmakers on intelligence gathered ahead of the rally.

“They seemed very, very well prepared — much better prepared than before Jan. 6. I think they’re ready for whatever might happen,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said. 

Source: Fox News

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  1. Capitol Police are a joke. They got by with murder the last time so what are they going to do this time?

  2. People its a red flag. Don’t go to the capital its a set up. If they need to make money for the MAGA people being held in jail. They need to let us know. Their will be people dress up like MAGA, Antifa, CIA, BLM. Stay home.

  3. Yes again the democrats will have their trouble makers there to make it look like Trump supporters are just like them. guarantee that’s what’s going to happen.

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