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Caught on camera: Woman fights off attacker in Florida gym [Video]




  • Nashali Alma shared her harrowing experience of fighting off an attacker in an empty apartment gym to inspire other women to fight back.
  • Alma was working out in the gym last month when a man started grabbing her.
  • She kept fighting until she got away and called 911, after which he was arrested before attempting to attack another woman.

Security footage of an apartment gym showed how a woman bravely fended off an attack from a man, leading to his arrest.

On Jan. 22, 24-year-old Nashali Alma was working out in the gym at the Inwood Park Apartment Complex in Tampa. Recently released footage showed her opening the door to a man she thought was there to work out as well.

The man, identified to be 25-year-old Xavier Thomas-Jones, went on to grab Alma’s waist but she managed to leap away from him.

In an accompanying video, Alma recounted the attack: “As soon as he was approaching me, I pushed him. I said, ‘Bro, what the F are you doing? Get away from me. Stop trying to touch me.’ He started chasing me around the bench, and we ended up on the other side of the gym.”

The video showed Alma running away as Thomas-Jones tried to chase her. He managed to pin her down but Alma kept fighting. She eventually got back up and quickly got away as soon as she saw how tired the assailant had gotten from the fighting.

Alma ran to a nearby apartment and called 911. Meanwhile, Thomas-Jones fled and tried to enter another woman’s apartment. Deputies apprehended him less than 24 hours later.

According to FOX13, Thomas-Jones lived in the complex but it was unclear if Alma was familiar with him before the attack.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office reportedly said that Thomas-Jones admitted restraining and battering Alma because he wanted to have sex with her. He also targeted the second woman, who wasn’t named, because he thought she was “pretty.”

Sheriff Chad Chronister expressed disgust at the assailant for preying on a young woman. He remained in custody as of Thursday and is facing charges of sexual battery, false imprisonment, burglary, and kidnapping.

Alma shared her experience to inspire other women to learn to defend themselves.


The sheriff praised her, saying, “This woman’s strength, courage, and determination are inspiring. I know that her bravery to share this story will impact the lives of many other women.”

Alma advised, “As long as you fight back and show him that you’re strong and you’re not giving up, I believe it’s possible to escape. It’s better to reach out to law enforcement sooner than later. The sooner they have the information, the sooner they can catch that person.”

Source: New York Post



  1. CPO Bill

    February 17, 2023 at 8:45 pm

    Lucky she is alive!

  2. Diane Corr

    February 21, 2023 at 12:27 pm

    Police still don’t have the support they deserve which only encourages the dirt-bag behavior and minimal justice served.

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